5 Paragraph Essay

5 Paragraph Essay

First, the essay format is not restricted to a particular topic. The topic you choose is up to you. The second step is to divide the essay into sections, and then develop each section individually and incrementally. To write a persuasive 5 paragraph essay, it is important to have sufficient reliable sources. Fourth, the essay is more than just a format. It also helps one to improve their writing skills. Last but not least, essay is the most common assignment in college and university. Sometimes, you feel the need for professional help from Bookwormlab.com writers because you can’t bear the pressure.

Example of a 5-paragraph essay

Start your essay by creating an outline.

The usual outline looks like this:

  • Introduction paragraph. It contains a motivator sentence and a thesis sentence. To begin the introduction paragraph, you can use a generalization or a quote. The thesis statement can be written once you feel ready to move on to the main topic of your essay.
  • The first paragraph of the body. Opening the first paragraph of your essay with a topic sentence. It’s basically a topic sentence that opens the paragraph. This will guide the reader to the first piece you use to support the thesis statement. The evidence must revolve around one theme. You can either quote or use information from a primary source. It is fine to use more than one argument to support your thesis. Write one to two sentences explaining why you used that or that piece. Summarize what you’ve discussed in this paragraph.
  • Second paragraph. The second paragraph should follow the same rules as the first. This section of your writing will focus on the second theme to support your thesis argument. Cite the evidence. Begin by writing an opening sentence that connects the first paragraph and the second paragraph.
  • Third paragraph. The third paragraph of the body is the one that presents a theme and your arguments.
  • Conclusion. Conclusion. This concludes the essay. It should be written with the conviction that you have proven your point. Don’t add any additional information to the conclusion.

Consistency is the most important rule. You should have at least three paragraphs that support a single piece of evidence.

A 5-paragraph Essay: Buy it or write it?

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