A admission essay for an advanced practice nurse (APN).

A admission essay for an advanced practice nurse (APN).


My experiences as an advanced practice nurse (APN) are unique and multifaceted on many aspects, allowing me to expand my knowledge and expand the scope of nursing practice. I’ve had many occasions to develop my abilities and communicate better with my patients and colleagues. Additionally, I have gained a greater understanding of complex issues that impact nurses and patient care. As an advanced practice nurse, I can make a significant contribution the practice , and contribute to improve quality and find the most effective solutions to common nursing issues and concerns that impact the healthcare system.


In my postgraduate course during my graduate course, my experiences conducting an individual research project gave me with a fresh knowledge of how research contributes to improving healthcare quality through education and patient guidance. My involvement with “Healthy Mom, Healthy Babies” was an integral part of my development as a nurse leader. It also helped me in facilitating the change needed to ensure that women who are expecting do not have unmet requirements and that the environment supports better outcomes. I am very proud of the program and the successes that were achieved in enabling women to improve their health and prenatal care throughout each stage of pregnancy. As an APN I am able to use my position to allow me to influence healthcare policies which hinder high-quality healthcare and produce positive outcomes for patients (DunbarJacob, et.al., 2013). I am convinced that when APNs cooperate in a series of ideas that promote positive changes, their work will be acknowledged and improve the healthcare system over time.

My studies let me work with students who had many different ways of solving the most difficult and challenging problems faced by nurses. My passion is still in the creation of ideas and the use of research-based evidence to shape nursing practice. This is essential since it helps nurses find specific problems and develop solutions. I have learned a lot from this experience, and I believe that I have gained leadership experience and my ability to encourage changes. I’m not happy with the status quo when healthcare quality is poor. This is why it is essential to provide support for nursing and healthcare regularly. My daily activities and special programs, that focus on populations that are affected by health disparities in various areas of the community, form part of my commitment to expand nursing practice.

In the last stage of my study I’m planning to carry out a study that will examine the effects of pain medications on patients. This will be done by determining if tests for drugs can determine whether the prescribed medications are suitable for patients, based on specific genetic markers. This program will assist me to comprehend the effects of pain medication on health and health status, as well as whether patients are correctly prescribed.


As an APN my objectives have been extremely successful. In addition, I have learned many fundamental concepts during my earlier studies which helped me achieve most of my professional goals until now. The lessons I learned have been important in my development as an APN and also in my DNP training. To ensure that high-quality healthcare and education, sharing of knowledge and accessibility to health services as well as other programs are accessible to the intended audiences, I’ll continue to concentrate on areas that are critical to the professional nursing profession.


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