Academic Goals, Admission Essay Example

Academic Goals, Admission Essay Example

Colorado Technical University is the institution of my choice to pursue my course via Online Division. Online universities have been increasing in recent years in order to accommodate the growing demands of students who want to pursue their courses online. There aren’t all universities that can provide the same level of academic support as they advertise. After reviewing a range of Universities, I decided to select Colorado Technical University online education. It is the best option to further my criminal justice career.

Colorado Technical University is the only college that offers Criminal Justice on the internet. While the college has only recently incorporated the course on distance learning, it has been taught in the school for quite a while. I have also benefited from the success of other courses that had been online for longer time frame than Criminal Justice and they’ve been successful. They have been consistent in the delivery of the course, and I am confident that they will provide me with the knowledge I require.

While a certificate may be a piece of paper but its recognition is the most significant. When selecting a university, they must take in to consideration of its certificate recognition. Therefore, when I decided to sign up for the online program at Colorado Technical University I took into account that its certificate is recognized in the job market internationally as its adhere to the standard required for its graduates to compete in the Job market. After successful completion of any course one enters in the job market, which is the most challenging and competitive way to get a job in the face of increasing levels of unemployment. The job market will only consider applicants who are exceptional performers and have been certified. I do not want to be a risk by applying at any other institution.

The university has all the infrastructure and equipment to offer the course online. This is different from other universities offering online courses. Colorado Technical University offers 24/7 technical support, which lets me study whenever it is convenient. The course materials and its online library has enough resources that shall enable me to pursue the course in a way that is convenient to prepare my self with the tools needed to disseminate the skills acquired within Criminal Justice as a private detective that is my preferred field of work.

The structure of the university’s program comprises all of the necessary components which include the criminal investigation process, United States law enforcement as well as community relations and criminology. Even though, other universities provide the same classes in Colorado Technical University for one to be able to graduate from criminal justice is required to take psychology classes , which I’ll need as well. As a private detective , I need to have skills on psychology because it will aid me in executing my duties. This is one of the factors I thought about when choosing Colorado Technical University as my University of Choice.

I advise those who are searching for a University to consider carefully the options available to them before settling on the best. A majority of students have made the error choosing a school in the quickest of intentions without checking its quality of instruction and its recognition of its certification in the Job Market. This can be extremely costly for students who are trying to make a profession out of their education. They are provided with inadequate training that reduces their competitiveness in the marketplace and their certificates are not recognized by employers.


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