Academic Probation, Admission Essay Example

Academic Probation, Admission Essay Example

My transition from Delta College into University of California, Davis was not as smooth as I had imagined. At the end of the semester I was diagnosed with severe health issues that could have an impact on my academic commitment. As a result, I was put on academic probation. I provided doctor’s notes to support my claim and requested my grades to be taken off. However, my application was denied. Although it was a disappointment, it didn’t derail my determination. After I recovered I worked hard on my studies and managed to improve significantly my GPA.

I will strive to increase my GPA and I believe I have the best chance of being successful within the Masters program. When I finish my Masters I hope to pursue the PhD program. While it was a disappointment however, I had to accept that the circumstances were beyond my control. It might be odd to be honest, but I cherish the experience as it taught me things about myself that I could not have learnt otherwise. It showed me that I can bounce back. I am disappointed by the impact of my probation on my GPA but I also learnt that perseverance is one of my defining character traits.

Although failures and disappointments are normal in life, one can only fail when he/she quits trying. If things don’t go our way, we just have to push ourselves to the limit. Please be aware of my situation and think about the improvement in my academic performance since my recovery from health problems. If you have any questions, please let me know. I assure you I will not disappoint you if I am offered the chance to pursue my Masters.


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