Admission Essay for the Oriental Medical Health Profession

Admission Essay for the Oriental Medical Health Profession

Since the time I was able to recall, my interest in Oriental medical/holistic healthcare has been there. Since childhood, I enjoyed being a nurse for my family members, including my cousins and brothers, who suffered from illness or injury. This dynamic field has been a passion of mine since a young age.

In terms of my character, I am a people-person. When I identify with the person, I believe that I’ll be able to approach the illness in a more dynamic way. From the identification of the root of the illness in order to treat, adjust, change, and cure the disease accordingly, I feel that I have the ability to use the knowledge I gained through my future studies. Based on my understanding of this concept as well as in regard to my personality, I feel that this must be present to be an holistic healer.

Based on my experience in Oriental medical and health practices I believe that I am a strong candidate for studying at Pacific College. In the past, I’ve used acupuncture, chiropractic methods and herbal tinctures for health issues and general well-being. I am a yogi who is a regular regularly meditate, read the Dhammapada and have worked using other Eastern exercises and philosophical theories.

As I have experienced, I am confident that the values I have learned will be an asset for continuing learning. In the near future I’d like to be able apply the concepts I have learned to help balance qi (or the “life force”) and other aspects through the study of the body and mind in pursuit of a happier life. These standards are the ones that I prospectively look towards future studies.

Personally I hope to develop as a healer during this rewarding and dynamic process. My soul is being filled by the connection between my family, friends the environment, the arts and my own soul. Through this sharing, I would like to bring the unconditional love that I have received back into the world.

As I pursue my studies, I’m getting called into this satisfying and rewarding journey. I want to assist others in fulfilling their personal calling. The inner life is not something you can see or feel, but is more of a multi-faceted energy. We connect what we have on this earth with the spiritual life and soul of our Being. Our spirit is our energy and life within. This is how we attain the results we desire. This endeavor is both challenging and rewarding for me personally.

As a healer I would like to direct that Energy to grow for the benefit of the world. Energy must be considered towards the soul, based on personal experiences. It is essential to deal with the Energy that is found in others, not the practices of other religions or practices unrelated to it. As a healer in the future, I’ll be able to discern the soul’s essence to understand its root dynamics and help clients see themselves in the world. As a healer, this will require sensitiveness.

Prospective studies are interesting for me due to my personal character, motivations as well as my experiences and the possibility of assertion as an Oriental/holistic healer. In these foundations that I would like to develop myself and those who surround me as a respected healer. I’d like to express my gratitude to you for your time and consideration of me as a valued member of Pacific College.


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