Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, Admission Essay Example

Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, Admission Essay Example

Nurses should be competent to prioritize others over themselves, be caring and lifelong learners constantly striving to improve. A quote that comes to my mind is “Nurses offer comfort compassion, empathy, and love without a prescription”. I am convinced that I possess these characteristics and they’ve attracted me to nursing since my undergraduate internship at Baptist Medical Center-San Antonio. I have an BS in Kinesiology. I am currently enrolled in the Medical and Health-related program at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas.

My first experience in the workforce was in 1996 with the Care Group of Texas. I was in charge of the development and training of experienced nurses in Orthopedic equipment operations and applications. After two years of working as a sales representative and spending time at the Care Group of Texas for some time, I relocated to Midland Texas. Paradigm Physical Therapy was my home as was my position as Director of Sport Sciences. In this role I designed and promoted a wellness program to include all local businesses. When I wasn’t working on the program, I also did strength and conditioning training for the professional hockey team as well as assisted the clinic’s physical therapists and technicians with treatment of patients.

My most recent experience at work was in the fitness industry as a sales representative. This job has enabled me to help both the community and the commercial industry. While selling fitness equipment commercially I also helped to design facilities for schools, businesses, clinics, and hospitals. Although this provided no direct experience with patients but I have gained not just from acquiring important skills in presentation, but also by learning to be a determined and hard worker. Although I have devoted a great deal of time to every job I have been in, I have always found time to do volunteering for those who are in need. This included feeding homeless people and delivering Christmas gifts to indigent families.

The experience I gained from volunteering and internships gave me the drive to take on a nursing career. A MSN is a more suitable education option over an BSN. It would provide me with more information of cardiology. I would like to focus on preventative cardiology as I feel that my previous experience and areas of interest in continuous training will provide me with an excellent foundation for studying the MSN in this field. In the summer before my undergraduate studies, I was a volunteer in the Kingwood Medical Center assisting physical and occupational therapists in their patient care, gaining further insight into the workings of a department for physical medicine. Before graduating, I established a 640-hour. training at Baptist Medical Center San Antonio, in the field of Non-Invasive Cardiology.

Taking this experience into consideration, I feel ready to admit that I have necessary qualities and knowledge to pursue studies for becoming an Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist. I could transform the way in which cardio rehabilitation is performed and improve patient care through education, research and education. I want to combine my prior education and experience with University of Texas training in order to become a professional. The only method of becoming an experienced healthcare professional is earning a master’s. I consider the current MSN as an important stage towards my goal. Based on my medical and professional experience, I am confident that I’ll be able to meet the most important criteria that a CNS has: I can provide expert coaching, I am capable of efficient team-building and consultation and I have experience in ethical decision-making in nursing and I am hoping to be able to direct my clinical experience and conduct research on the most relevant areas of nursing research.

In case I obtain the MSN and am able to become a CNS, I intend to utilize my postgraduate experience to focus on cardiology. The undergraduate and RN education and postgraduate studies will allow me to bring a new approach to treating cardiac patients. I also plan to educate nurses and other healthcare professionals about the advantages of exercise and nutrition. The University of Texas nursing program will bring together my past experiences and offer the most effective training to assist me in reaching my goal of becoming a CNS-nurse.


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