Alec Kessler Student-Athlete Scholarship, Admission Essay Example

Alec Kessler Student-Athlete Scholarship, Admission Essay Example

Schools do more than just give in-class instructions to their students but also motivate students to take part in co-curricular sports and other activities. Schools are aware that activities and sports are a great way to teach students important lessons and skills that are not taught in schools. The lessons and skills they learn will be useful for them in their real life. I was fortunate that not just my teachers recognized my athletic ability and encouraged me to participate in sports, but I also received unwavering encouragement from my family that is convinced of the value of a healthy body as much it does in the value of having a healthy mind.

I learned early in my high school athletic career that hard work is important however it isn’t always able to produce desirable outcomes. Failures are an integral part of the journey. True success is not about giving up, no matter how many times you fail. Even though I eventually became one of the main players of high school beach volleyball and tennis teams, my initial years were not always as smooth. After failing to get into my high school beach volleyball team, my family, teachers and friends who were loyal to me encouraged me and helped me be confident in my abilities. My hard work resulted in a payoff. I was not only selected for the team but I also was named the best beach volleyball player at my high school in 2012 and 2014.

My commitment to excellence extends beyond athletics, but also in academic performance. I am among the top 5 percent of my graduating class. As with athletics, I’ve experienced years where my grades were lower than my expectations. But, the disappointments only made me work harder. For this, I have to thank my early experiences with the high school volleyball team as they taught me many lessons that have been beneficial in my academics, too.

One lesson I learned from sports is that a winning journey is not one of sprints, but rather it is a marathon. There are likely to be some nagging moments in the course of your journey, but the important thing is to keep moving forward and learn from mistakes and shortcomings. Although I am aware that things might not always go according to plan but my final goal is to have my own business. Continuous self-improvement is a lesson I learned from the sport. It will prove to be a valuable tool in my academic and professional life. Self-improvement continues to become more important as life changes are an ongoing reality.

Time is also one of our most precious resources. While life will get busier, the time resources we have will not change. The secret to having more is to manage your time more effectively. The sport has also taught me how to lead, which will help me in my career. I’ve learned that the art of getting things done through others. Leaders are surrounded by the most qualified people and invest in them. Leaders understand the importance of collaboration.

While I have the potential to be motivated and strong work ethics however, I am also in need of financial resources to successfully complete college. Unfortunately, my family has limited means. That’s why I applied for this scholarship because it will enable me to concentrate on my studies and take advantage of other opportunities for learning. College education is designed to give you a solid foundation for career ambitions and I’m determined to get the most out of my time in college. I am a believer in giving back and will be a part of scholarships that assist students from families with low incomes.


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