American University in Dubai, Admission Essay Example

American University in Dubai, Admission Essay Example

I am writing to you with the hope that you be able to consider my candidature for admission to the American University in Dubai to earn a master’s degree in Marketing. You will see in my application that I have been unable to meet my determination to finish the program. My institution awarded me a BBA degree in Management, and I continued to pursue my education in the years that followed. This included the Professional Diploma in Human Resources from the Australian Human Resources Institute and my CIPD from Oakwood International, Ltd. With the hopes that I am accepted, I plan to make use of the knowledge I have gained from this master’s degree at the American University in Dubai to help me make a difference in my life, in policy matters, and within the lives of the people who surround me. After reviewing my credentials I request an admission conditional to.

Over the past eight years I’ve had the privilege to serve as an Human Resources Specialist for the Government of Dubai as well as an Executive Chief Executive-Recruitment and Planning as well as an Administrator of Policies and Systems. These positions have only increased my interest in forwarding my education. Along with my employment in the Government of Dubai, I was also the of Human Resource Coordinator for Emirates Marketing and Promotions, as well as in Dubai. The experience that I have amassed over the past eight years, as well as the academic goals I’ve attained, should demonstrate my dedication to my goals.

In order to achieve my academic goals, I was fortunate enough to be certified by the Essa Saleh Al Gurg Group in Dubai as part of their OJT program in the Department of Human Resources. I have also successfully completed an OJT program in Development Planning and Development with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority which was accredited by the Tanmia HRCP Program, which includes the Human Resources Certified Professional (HRCP) certification, and a certificate for managing stress in a dynamic environment – Connected HR. My most recent certification was in Internal Auditing through Think Plus Training and Consulting.

With a Master’s Degree in Marketing at American University, I know I’m capable of achieving. I’m not only competent however, I’m also determined. If I had the chance to pursue my studies at your school and even in a contingent capacity from the beginning I am sure I’d succeed. This, in turn, would let me continue to pursue the work I love and make a difference in policies at the highest levels. We appreciate your consideration and your time.


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