Application for Master’s Degree Application for Master Education, Admission Essay

Application for Master’s Degree Application for Master Education, Admission Essay

When I was five years old, I ate the first Oreo in China. The only impression I got was that it was extremely sweet, and it is the sweetness that made me abandon my love for Oreo. Ten years later, I had another Oreo and was surprised to feel the sensation of having a clear sense of the taste, finally falling in love with it. I was able to gain a fresh perspective regarding market-reality and the potential of marketing a product from this little taste of a particular dessert in two different countries.

It wasn’t until I moved to the US that I realized that different brands have different tastes across different nations. Oreo from China is as sweet as I remember. Besides Oreo and other food chains that are branded as well as drinks such as KFC, McDonalds and Red Bull all tasted very different from the ones I used to have in China. It was then that I realized that Oreo did not taste different to me, but Kraft had changed the flavor of Oreo to draw attention to the Chinese market.

In the same way, multinational companies such as KFC have made changes to their products in response to research of local markets before launching their products. Data analysis is an excellent method to understand the market. My curiosity about Oreo has grown after my discovery. I am convinced that my Chinese culture and my Chinese heritage will enable me to help companies getting into the Chinese market. I am hoping to promote expansion of business in China.

I was able to build a solid foundation in mathematics and logic through my undergraduate degree. The passion I have to research and development has also helped me. This gave me the foundation to pursue my interests in applied research in statistical science. Although my undergraduate course has successfully cultivated my quality but I’m still not able to demonstrate the ability to solve real-world issues in statistics. My aspiration is to be a supporting element for Chinese customers and multinational corporations which intend to enter China’s market. This motivates me to take on more complex methods of studying statistics and determinable analysis.

In relation to this goal I am confident that the MSc in Applied Statistics Program will provide me with the opportunity to tackle the challenging development phase through fostering my ability in solving the practical issues of statistics. Alongside the professional methods in statistics, the program could also enhance my skills in communication, analysis, and the results of statistics with my future cooperate companies.

Furthermore, I believe that the requirement for students to write a dissertation for an application within three months of completing the course would enable me to pursue a more professional path in my pursuit to master’s degree. The dissertation will simulate a variety of characteristics when dealing with real-world statistical problems, which could lay the foundation for the future of work in reality.

In order to bring foreign firms into China, I’ve decided to double major in Economics and Mathematics. I can use mathematics to improve my analytical abilities as well as establish the basis for further study in Statistics. To prepare for my Graduate Studies in Statistics, I’ve taken a handful of courses in the area of applied maths and statistics. In addition, my studies in Economic has allowed me to develop the ability to comprehend the major issues that affect the economy and society and my critical skills to analyze economic problems with an open-minded mind. In the area of Econometrics, I independently finish the research with cross-sectional data.

I have five years of experience working for consulting firms and I plan to return to school to apply for an excellent MBA program that is specialized in statistics in the United States. The MBA program will allow me demonstrate my professional analytical skills and broaden my perspective to international business operations as well as business expansion. In the long term, I want to start my own business in China which will focus in analyzing China’s customers-preferences and China’s market needs so that foreign companiescould be helped to design a suitable market strategy towards entering the Chinese market.


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