California State University Eastbay Admission Essay

California State University Eastbay Admission Essay

The desire for me to be a part of the technological sector and be a part of its development is the reason I am here. Alongside my drive to develop artistic skills and acquire essential abilities, I would like to expand my involvement. I am enthused by the expertise of the faculty, the state-of the-art facility, the chance to work with students and create portfolios along with the ability to collaborate with them. Although I don’t possess the required expertise in programming, I’m determined to be an integral participant in the Multimedia Graduate Program because I am willing and have the ability to develop my skills in any situation. The quality of my portfolio will be enhanced by my proficiency in photography and Illustrator. The past few years, I took part in a variety of courses and assignments that were typically completed in teams during my period at King Abdul-Aziz University in media and public relations. I’ve come to terms with the variety of challenges that arise when working in teams at university as conflicts can arise and deadlines can put a lot of pressure for team members, particularly those with a heavier workloads as compared to other team members. I am passionate about management and leadership and teams, which is why I was able to solve problems and keep everyone satisfied. I am convinced that this experience is sure to be very constructive to my career path. This notion is based on my experiences with the insufficient collaboration opportunities offered in many BA as well as MA programs. So I am grateful to have gained these skills from my prior experience. My goal is to make the utilization of the opportunities, resources, and opportunities at California State University Eastbay not only as a formula that can yield success but also as an exciting environment in which I am empowered to achieve my goals.

As a supervisor as a supervisor in Saudi Arabia, I also worked in the Department of Public Relations of Municipality of Makkah. I gained more experience managing people and my skills from this experience. Many thousands of pilgrims from Makkah visit the city each year to participate in religious rituals. In this department, my responsibility was to oversee a team of journalists and PR associates who covered the events and promoted them. It was a position with immense responsibility since we were frequently had to manage live streaming and live broadcasting on the internet. Even though it was a significant responsibility, it also made me more resilient.

My goal is to get involved in research that results in more information and, which in turn, results in the creation of multimedia. I’d like contribute to research projects that can enhance my knowledge about multimedia. This could be web or mobile video interactive design, research, and presentation as well as prototyping and prototyping. I am also keen on gaining more information on traditional multimedia, contemporary and emerging multimedia , and projects that concentrate on new content as well as new technology.

I will do my best to maximize the benefits of the Multimedia Graduate program at California State University Eastbay. I am sure you will consider my request.


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