California State University Eastbay, Admission Essay Example

California State University Eastbay, Admission Essay Example

My aspirations to join Multimedia Graduate Program at California State University Eastbay are motivated by my desire to participate in the technology field and participate in creating the future of technology. I also aspire to acquire creative development and key skill acquisition that will maximize my initiative while providing the resources of faculty expertise, a state of the art facility, and the opportunity to collaborate with other students and develop an impressive portfolio. Although I do not have the needed experience in programming, I am determined to join Multimedia Graduate Program because I have the willingness and the potential to improve my skills under any circumstance. I have some skills in photography which serves to support my portfolio with some knowledge in Photoshop and illustrator. In the past, I have taken active involvement in many course projects and assignments which were often done in teams during my undergraduate studies in media and public relations at King Abdul-Aziz University. I have learned to deal with a myriad of challenges that are associated with working in teams at university because conflicts often arise and deadlines can put a lot of pressure on some team members especially those who have heavier course load than the others. I have been competent in conflict resolution because I was extremely passionate about leadership and group management and I also attempted to cool every down responsibly. I believe that, this experience will certainly be very constructive to my future career. This believe is guided by my understanding that, extensive teamwork experience has been lacking in most BA and MA programs, and therefore I count myself lucky to have acquired this skills in my past experience.       My aspirations are to make efficient use of the available resources, opportunities, and creative prompts at California State University Eastbay as not only a formula for passive success, but as an exciting environment in which I am empowered to make my success.

I have also worked as a supervisor in the public relations department of Municipality of Makkah in Saudi Arabia where I further enhanced my skills and experience in working with teams. During the pilgrimage seasons, millions of people visit Makkah to complete annual religious rituals. Being in this department, I was in charge of supervising a team of media professionals and PR associates to cover and promote the events. I served this position of high responsibility as many times we had to manage online streaming and live broadcasting and that put a lot of pressure on my shoulders and made me a lot more resilient and reliable.

I aspire to engage in research in multimedia program that will lead to creation of more information which will consequently lead to the development of multimedia. I also aspire to work on research projects that can improve my professional competency across a range of multimedia skills, including video, web, and interactive design, research, presentation and prototyping. I am also interested in gaining more knowledge on traditional multimedia, contemporary and emerging multimedia as well as projects that emphasize innovative content and innovative technology.

I am highly determined to put all my efforts in my education activities to derive the maximum benefits that can be offered to me in Multimedia Graduate Program at California State University Eastbay. I hope you will favorably consider my request.


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