Career and educational goals and Admission Essay Example

Career and educational goals and Admission Essay Example

My top goal is to be enrolled at Penn State University’s graduate school. This school will give me the knowledge and experience I need to advance my career as well as the skills needed to work at a higher standard in this field. I can benefit from my previous work experience and build on it by completing the Master of Professional Studies in Human Resources and Employment Relations. Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to be appointed as the manager of benefits and compensation for a firm. The position is my residence for over four years and continues bring me happiness and challenge every day. While I enjoy my job however, I’d like to advance my career to become a director in order to oversee all human resources aspects of an organisation.

Although I love the complexities of payroll administration, benefits compensation and dealing with insurance coverage human resources is a broad field that naturally has many difficulties and challenges. I’ve always tried my best to overcome adversities in both my professional and personal life. Cedar Crest College recently awarded me a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a major concentration in Human Resources. While I attended college, I worked at full-time, and I have provided an enjoyable and productive home for my beautiful twin boys as a single mom. It hasn’t been an easy task however, I have experienced what it’s when you are faced with difficult odds and having to overcome problems in creative and creative ways. Human Resources is similar as there are numerous issues that can arise every day that challenge the mind and make it difficult to follow the rules and force professionals into difficult decisions.

Based on my experience and understanding of the field, I’m confident that Penn State University is the best place to fulfill my professional goals while still offering a comfortable life for my family. My goal for the near future is to pursue a masters degree and eventually move up in the ranks of my company and the department of human resources. At the end of the day, however, I would love to become a professor at a college to share my knowledge with students. This will allow me to impart that knowledge from my own experiences as well as my education background. It will also assist to mold young professionals in this field. I realize that this is a lengthy road which isn’t one to take without a lot of caution. My family and work are very important and also very taxing, but I have a great support network in friends as well as family members and colleagues to assist me on the way to reaching my goals.

Above all else, education is very important to me. I believe that my efforts will be a model for my children to see the benefits of higher education. A Bachelor’s Degree is not enough. I want my children to have the same educational experience. Furthermore, I value the respect of the Penn State education and degree gives. It is remarkable to see the high-profile of the Master of Professional Studies in Human Resources and Employment Relations program. As a nationally-recognized university and program specializing specifically in Human Resources, this is an opportunity I would cherish ceasing to help achieve my career and personal goals.


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