Central Washington University Admission Essay Example

Central Washington University Admission Essay Example

Real Estate professionals will tell you that the three main things buyers look for include location, location and the location. When I began looking seriously at colleges my family and I realized that I had to remain close to home. We drew a circle on our map. Ellensburg is just in the middle of what we drew. My entire family as well as extended family live in Washington State.

My high school years were spent without thinking about college. My sophomore and third year were not exactly stellar due to the inattention. My grades sank. I did not work toward tangible goals. This summer, a new light came over me. I decided to attend college in order to pursue a rewarding engaging, challenging, and rewarding career. I was aware that during my final year in high school, I would become a different student in the classroom. I am pleased to say that I’ve been a significantly better student.

Because of my efforts, I have proven to myself and to my teachers that I’m capable of intellectual discipline. I have noticed a substantial increase in my grade point average (GPA) which has now reached 3.5. My high school cumulative GPA is now 2.5. My Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores are 16- English, 16-Math, 2223 Reading and 18- Science. The average SAT score is 18.

In this final term of my senior year, I expect to earn a 3.7 GPA. This is something I am proud of because it shows the dedication I put into my put in when I give my entire self to something meaningful. To acknowledge my efforts one of my teachers recommended me for consideration at the Young

In the summer of 2009, Leaders of America Council will be in Washington, D.C. Although I’m not sure whether I’ll be accepted, it is an honor to be selected.

All my life, I’ve been involved with sports. Through high school, I participated in basketball, traveling football and basketball teams. I’ve got nothing but positive memories from these activities. I even ventured out on my own for a time and competed in off-road cycling, also known as BMX racing. Regardless of the sport my coaches kept saying that I was a leader of the team, in and out of play.

I contribute my leadership abilities to my community where I am active in local events. Volunteering is something I love. It could be described as my hobby. I love coaching little league teams. I feel that, through coaching and working with children, I am giving back to the town which has provided me with so much through my life’s journey. I love officiating games. Officiating lets me see the game from a different point. I also work with children as a teacher’s aid. It’s been a wonderful learning experience.

If you consider my academic background, my contributions to my local community as well as my skills as an athlete and leader, I believe you’ll find that I am the kind of person/student that you want at Central. I can be raised in a fantastic environment that you provide. I could learn from new friends and teachers that will have a lasting impact on my life. Expect determination, dedication and high levels enthusiasm from me. I am thrilled about my prospects of spending the next couple of years with you, as a member of the group known as Wildcats.


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