Coast Guard Officer Program Admission Essay

Coast Guard Officer Program Admission Essay

My first goal when I joined the Coast Guard was to be an Enlisted Personl. After completing the fundamental training, I was an Operations Specialist in various areas, including security, communications, and operations. This allowed me to become the first active duty military member to become a supervisor of the Maritime Domain Awareness. My perspective and outlook changed when I continued to work in this field. Instead of just looking to become an Enlisted Personnel, my goal and direction changed to take my profession to greater heights hence; Commissioned Officer.

During my enlistment, I was able to serve in various commands. After completing Radarman “A” School, I joined the USCGC Dallas (WHEC 716) as an SNRD and was promoted to OS1 prior to my departure. As Combat Division Leading Petty officer and Watch Supervisor, my job was to develop 10 petty officers. With a bilingual background I served as an interpreter in joint operations with the Columbian Navy. When I left the CGC Dallas, I reported to Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen where I was appointed the Chief Petty Officer in the Communication Division, Supervising eight Petty officers. I was the Electronic Key Management Officer and Classified Material Control Officer. As Chairman of the Morale Committee, this was one of my most significant positions. After a successful stint in Puerto Rico, I was transferred to Sector Jacksonville Sector Command Center-Joint harbor Operations Center (JHOC), my current job. It’s been extremely rewarding to work in a team working environment within the Navy’s Southeast Region Regional Operations Center along with a variety of state and local agencies. I currently provide Maritime Domain Awareness which allows real-time information to be obtained to carry out the Sector Jacksonville’s mission set.

I believed that the sky was the limit and being an Enlisted soldier, I was offered a limited opportunity to demonstrate the leadership skills I possess. I’m looking forward to finding a career opportunity which will allow me to use my knowledge and experience in the Coast guard through the Officer Candidate School. I am also studying B.A Business Supervision and Management at Florida State University. I have a FAA Private Pilot Certificate and am an Associate in Occupational Science.

As an enlisted soldier, I’m involved in various assignments and activities that comprise: Search Coordination & Execution, Navigation, Radarman, Electronic Warfare WLR-1H (V) Training Leader of the Damage Control Team, Naval Shipboard Firefighting, Security, and Critical Incident Stress Management.

I have the experience and confidence to handle the additional tasks and challenges Coast Guard officers bring. I can remain a great guardian of the Coast Guard’s exemplary multi-mission capabilities. Thank you so much.


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