Computer Science Transfer Statement, Admission Essay Example

Computer Science Transfer Statement, Admission Essay Example

I have been doing very well academically as a computer science undergraduate student at Kansas State University (KSU) and my GPA shows it. As I began my undergraduate career, my priority was to maximize my learning during four years of college in order I could create solid foundations to pursue my entrepreneurial goals. Although I enjoyed my Kansas State University classes, I am a fan of challenging courses that challenge me to the limit. That’s why I am interested at resuming studies in computer science at your university with one of the top computer science programs in America.

Learning doesn’t just happen in classrooms, but also in the world. I am also attracted to the university’s location in a major city which has a wide range of global and local organizations. I’ll be able to access valuable internships and job opportunities in major cities. This will allow me to establish a strong professional network. My dedication to learning is evident in my decision to not wait to finish college before pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams and it has been one of the wisest choices of my life. is an online security company which I manage. The majority of my clients have been repeat customers and my experience at work has been a significant factor in my decision to continue my computer science education at your institution with a particular focus on cybersecurity.

Anyone who keeps up with current and emerging trends will be able to anticipate the explosive growth of cybersecurity in the short and long terms. Lack of adequate cyber security is causing companies to suffer losses of billions. Cyber security firms have business opportunities in both the public and private sectors. The U.S. government is aware of the dangers posed by cyber attacks and has invested massive resources to protect the nation’s infrastructure online. My plans for the future are focused on government clients, whose systems are complex and could cause costly damage. The U.S. Government understands it does not have the resources or the knowledge to effectively protect itself, thus, it will increasingly rely on online security solution provides for the private sector. Like I said I am a firm believer in the value of outside-class learning opportunities. As you are a student at your institution I will not just study under some of the finest computer science professors in the nation or meet with intelligent fellow students but will also be active with student clubs on campus. At KSU I was able to demonstrate leadership qualities that helped me become secretary of Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization and I also worked in local service organizations, such as Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. I’ve been able to develop my communication, teamwork and cross-cultural abilities through on-campus student organizations. These soft skills are crucial for successful work in the real world. The success of also has to do a a great deal with my excellent communication skills that allow me to fully understand my clients’ needs and provide adequate security solutions.

I have no doubt I’ll make a fantastic contribution to the campus community. My academic and work background will also benefit my fellow students. It is highly likely some of them are my co-founders in the establishment of a major online and web security firm.


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