Continuing Education, Admission Essay Example

Continuing Education, Admission Essay Example

How the School of Professional Studies will Aid Me in obtaining my Professional Goals

Having worked in the Information Technology industry for the past ten years has helped me to realize that completing my Bachelor’s Degree could help me to expand my programming skills by aiding me in becoming proficient in coding, and therefore push my career to the next level. My goal in enrolling to finish my degree will be to learn coding and apply that knowledge to my career. I hope use my programming skills to advance, or even transform my career. I would like work in IT for a healthcare company, which I feel would most accurately fit my current skill level, while allowing me to utilize my new knowledge of coding and software adaptation to do something I am passionate about.

I feel that UNIX operating systems are some of the most innovative and productive in the IT industry. While I have expanded my application software aptitude in working on a UNIX platform, I know that taking the time to finish my degree would be wholly worthwhile in helping me to advance by professional standing and personal propensity for software design and modification. In order to increase my knowledge, I am interested in learning coding in a formal setting (such as JAVA / PYTHON / SQL). I know that learning these skills would make me a much more desirable IT employee, and would not only increase my programming proficiency, but would also give me a better understanding of how technology works, and therefore building on the computer skills I already possess. The demand for professional coders is what primarily attracts me to finishing my degree and learning coding. I have had a relative amount of success in the IT industry, but I know that coders are a valuable resource for many companies, and I feel my career would benefit exponentially from a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems.

Along with increasingly my proficiency in coding, I am also interested in participating in Saint Louis University’s Healthcare Information Systems program. The IT level of healthcare interests me, and I feel the courses SLU offers would aid me in becoming a programming asset to the healthcare industry. The experience this program would give me in programming and database design could aid me in gaining a position working in the IT department of a healthcare organization. I feel this would be an interesting way to use my knowledge and passion for technology and programming, while working for an industry I support and am interested to learn more about.

The School of Professional studies would help me to obtain my professional and personal goals by increasing my programming and coding abilities. I know that the programs offered at SLU would strengthen my knowledge of software design, and would make me more comfortable with my ability to enhance my career. Learning how to apply my IT skills to the healthcare industry is also extremely appealing to me, and I feel this program would add a new spark to my professional life, and would give me the credentials I need to transform my career to match the vision I have for myself in the future. Completing my degree has been something I have been interested in for many years now, and I know that SLU’s flexible programs and diverse course offerings would be the enzymes I need to take my career to a whole new level. I know SLU would fit into my life perfectly and help me to gain the coding and IT experience I want to finally reach my personal goals for my knowledge of Information Technology. My age and number of years in the workforce will not discourage me from pursing this next level of knowledge, but instead will motivate me to push my profession further and challenge myself to strive for a more fulfilling career.


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