Educational Administration, Admission Essay Example

Educational Administration, Admission Essay Example

Sometimes , life is dull and unfulfilling if one lives each day without planning for the future or having no thought about offering help to humanity. While this might seem evident, I’ve met people who don’t know the truth of their lives. When we live our lives, we frequently take a decision that makes us change the direction of our lives in a radical way. The way we live our lives is determined by the pursuit of a dreams and effectively making them goals. I’m grateful for the personal goals for the future I’ve set for myself throughout my academic journey have helped me to make the most of every chance and opportunity that comes along the way which has enabled me to lead a truthful life. The knowledge gained through my undergraduate studies and graduate studies have prepared me for a future career in educational administration. I’m also aware of the importance of having a solid foundation in education to assist me in establishing my next career.

I believe I have a stellar academic record to date and have every possibility of increasing my record-setting performance. Now that I have established my own niche, I am prepared to devote my full concentration on achieving my dream of becoming the most successful educator after I have completed my masters degree.

In the coming academic era I am determined to improve my knowledge of educational standards as well as supervision and general management for academic progress along with my communication abilities, increasing my capacity to be effective in the educational field. Since my goals in academics are to obtain the Doctorate in Educational administration, I want to pursue my studies. Any institution that I attend can be sure that I will strive to achieve academic and professional achievement.


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