Example of an Admissions Essay to My College Dream

Example of an Admissions Essay to My College Dream

College is an important milestone in the lives of most young people. The dream of going off to college, experiencing the challenges, and opportunities, that college will bring, is one that I have held close to my heart for many years.  It is, however, a dream that has been wrought with challenges. My dream of going to college is one that I have, at times, thought would never be possible. I have lived my entire life with autism, a disorder that makes everyday life challenging, especially school and personal interactions. For me, learning to cope with autism has made me a stronger and more well rounded person. It has given me a unique perspective on life and my experiences, I feel, would add greatly to the college community. Through my personal journey and experiences, I hope to show others that despite the difficulties and challenges that people with autism must overcome that, at the end of the day, we are just like every other college student. The platform of college allows people of all backgrounds and cultures to meet and interact, and hopefully inspire in each other a deeper level of understanding and respect that is needed to build a better, more open, society. In college, we are all here to learn and to grow, and to hopefully add depth and understanding to the world we live in.

Music has been a guiding force in my life. Music is a nonverbal form of communication that many who live with autism find comfort in. It is something I excel at, and it has given me the hope and confidence that I need to succeed in this world that I, at times, struggle to cope with. Since the age of 10, I have played the violin. Music makes me happy, and I love sharing it with others. I feel that music can be an inspiration.  Music can bring joy and happiness, and can bring back wonderful memories whenever a favorite song is heard. While autism makes personal interactions difficult, I have no problem interacting via my instrument.  My goal for college is that it will allow me to prepare for a professional music career, one that will allow me to carry one the tradition of beautiful music, keeping the memories alive and inspiring others with the grace and beauty of music I create on the violin.

The violin has allowed me to express myself in ways that I cannot using words alone. Autism is a disorder that makes communication difficult, and I have always found it hard to interact socially with my peers. We have very different views on life, and this is in part because of the autism. However, when I pick up my violin, it is my voice. I can create beautiful landscapes and escape deep within the song being played. I am able to express myself with the song of the violin much more eloquently than I ever could using words, and I think that this is a beautiful thing. Being able to inspire others with the beauty of music brings joy to my heart in a way few other things can. College would be the next step in allowing me to use my voice, the violin, to express myself more fully and participate more completely in life as well as the world of music.

While the violin is my tool of choice for creating music, I have a deep love and respect for music of all kinds. I especially love older music, music that comes from a simpler and happier time. Music from the 1950’s and 1960’s can always bring a smile to my face. I enjoy listening to stations on the radio that feature this type of music. Lately, however, I have found fewer and fewer stations that offer music from bygone era’s. This makes me sad because without the music, all of the beautiful memories that it inspires are gone. While I did not personally live during this era, the music of artists such as the Beatles and Elvis inspires me with hope and fills me with happiness. I hope to help preserve this music as well so that the memories of this era are not forgotten.

I hope that college can be a new beginning for me. School has always been a challenge for me, both because of my autism and also because of the fact that I always felt like I did not fit in. My love of music has set me somewhat apart. While most of my fellow students were into pop music and culture, my tastes have always been a little different. I feel that in this world, variety is necessary and people of all kinds are needed to create a well rounded community. If everyone liked the same music, the same foods, and the same experiences life would be boring and mundane. However, it is those that swim against the current, who love the things dropped by others, that bring variety and spice into life. I hope to add to the experiences of others in college with my musical passions and my unique world views.

My life has been full of challenges, but the challenges have made me strong. I am here today because of my life experiences. While many thought that I would never be able to achieve my dream of going to college, I am here, standing strong. I hope to be an inspiration to others who are struggling in the world due to conditions such as autism. Each person has something unique and wonderful to offer the world if we are given the chance. For me, my love and passion for music, and keeping the memories of the past alive is what I have to offer the world. The opportunity to go to college will enable me to grow as a person and a artist and hopefully help others as well.

I understand that the college life could prove to be a challenge for me, but it is one I am ready to embrace with all my heart. Achieving my dream of graduating from college is a goal I know that I have the power to achieve. It will take hard work and endurance, but at the end, it will make me into a stronger and more well rounded individual. The reward is worth the work, and I am ready for it. While I feel I have a lot to offer the college community, I also feel that the college community has a lot to offer me. I want to be exposed to the ideas, situations, and challenges that are a part of college life because I know that they will make me into a stronger, more thoughtful, and more intelligent individual. I am ready to start the journey towards achieving my dream as a college student. With a  smile on my face and a violin on my shoulder, I am ready for all the challenges, and joys, that await me in college.


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