Explanatory Essay

Explanatory Essay

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  • focuses on the goal
  • Provides simplified information for the reader
  • omits your personal opinion, and avoids research that is clearly biased.
  • Analyzes it to clarify the subject;
  • The main thesis is explained in both an informative and detailed way.

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Possible Topics for Explanatory Essays

You can choose from one of our many topics if you are having difficulty coming up with interesting essay topics.

  • Explain why obtaining a driver’s licence is so important in teenagers’ lives.
  • Define the main stressors in teens’ lives today.
  • Define some values that are not material.
  • Why do you enjoy working in a group?
  • Explain why parents don’t like to be alone with their children’s boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Discuss the possible consequences of failing to do well in school.
  • Discuss why teens commit suicide.
  • Describe how music influences your life.
  • Describe the possible consequences of using drugs.
  • Discuss the impact of different music genres upon society.
  • Explain the possible consequences of increasing the time between classes by five to fifteen minutes.
  • Discuss what you think a boy should do when he discovers his girlfriend is pregnant.
  • Explain to your teenager how life will change after she has a child.
  • Describe the possible consequences for teens being sexually active.
  • Please describe the ways that you can help at home.
  • Explain why organizing your materials and activities is important.
  • Please explain why teenagers don’t like to pledge their support for the flag.
  • Describe the possible consequences of abolishing capital punishment.
  • Describe the possible consequences of ending forced busing.
  • Give examples of how students can use their time to be productive.
  • Discuss why teens can find it difficult to deal with divorce proceedings from their parents.
  • Describe three things that you want to see change in the world, and why.
  • Describe what brings you joy.
  • Choose three items that represent our culture and describe your selection.
  • Your interest in a career.

How to prepare an explanation outline

It’s time to create a plan. It will be a guideline for your actual explanatory essay. This is the most important guideline to follow when creating an essay outline.

  • Briefly summarize your thesis and organize the essay around it.
  • The main points supporting your thesis should be arranged in a way that is understandable for the reader.
  • Make sure you have at least four basic paragraphs.

It is half the work of creating an outline. Further writing can be used to expand your outline to fit the actual essay.

Explanatory Essay Format

  • The introduction includes three parts: the background which provides information about the main idea, the contention which describes the order in which the parts support it, and the process which describes how they are ordered.
  • The body is composed of a series of paragraphs that contain the main ideas of the essay.
  • There are three parts to the conclusion. The first explains what happened, while the second summarizes the information from the body. The third focuses on the background of the main idea.

Example of an Explanatory Essay

This paper sample will help you get an idea of how to structure this essay if it is your first attempt. It can be found online through the internet or you can use the one us provides.

You will feel ready to start writing after carefully reviewing these essay samples. If you have any questions, or need professional help, our editors and writers will be happy to assist.