George Mason University, Admission Essay Example

George Mason University, Admission Essay Example

Nursing is an art. If it’s going to be considered an art form, it has to be created with the same commitment as other artists’ or sculptor’s. What are the main differences between working with dead marble or dead canvas and dealing with the body that is living, which is the temple of God’s spirit? It’s one of the Fine Arts: I almost thought it was the greatest of the Fine Arts.” Florence Nightingale. This quote is my personal sentiment for nursing – a career I love!

My nursing career of five years has been called “hardworking and driven” by many. In 2005, I obtained my first nursing job in the Cumberland County Hospital’s Emergency Room. As a licensed practical nurse (LPN) I worked during the day shift (9:00 am to 4:00 pm). I helped patients in need of urgent treatment. The injuries varied from minor contusions to life-threatening gunshot wounds. My boss was Sylvia Hubbard, a nurse with a PhD from John Hopkins University and 17 years of experience. Sylvia Hubbard, a nurse who has PhD from John Hopkins University, and 17 years of experience taught me that nursing is an art as much like a science. A competent nurse is able to manage injured patients and people.

In 2008, I worked in the Sam Kennedy Veteran’s Hospital which was a 200-bed unit covering two floors. It was established in the year 1972. It provides a comprehensive program, including outpatient services as well as mental illness, disease management as well as the Intensive Care Unit Critical and long-term nursing care.

My experience with the veteran’s hospital was an enlightening experience since I was able to work with a the dedicated staff consisting of nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and nutritionists. Our goal was to treat patients in a holistic manner, i.e. be aware of all the interconnected facets (spiritual, mental, and physical) of patient care, especially for geriatric patients who suffer from chronic illnesses caused by age and/or progressive atrophy. It inspired me to go back to school to obtain the latest advances in pathology.

My look for schools in Virginia started with just a handful of schools that provided modern and innovative programs. This is how I was introduced to George Mason University (GMU). They have flexible programs (transfer of credits, and online courses) that allowed me to continue my work while I finished my bachelor’s.

The Strategic Plan 2010 – 2014 includes performance indicators that are used to track the development and implementation of programs entailing research and education. For example, the goal for faculty researchers is “Percent of faculty members who have research assignments who publish each year in high-quality, reputable peer review journals at 100% by 2014.” Additionally the recruitment, retention, and advancement of minority groups is a distinct factor. Students from all over the United States and the world go to GMU and faculty and staff also represent an the most diverse range of race, gender and ethnicity.

The nursing program offered within the College of Health and Human Services boasts an excellent curriculum. Courses such as NURS 349 Pediatric Pathophysiology and Nursing Care, and

NURS 357 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention In Medical/Surgical Nursing Nursing , you will give me the foundation for pathology. The faculty is made up of retired or practicing physicians with impressive qualifications. Harriet Jones, a Harvard Medical Center cardiac surgeon for 15 years. She was the first African American female to head an interdisciplinary cardiac unit in 1982.

Maxwell Carter, a prominent researcher, is renowned for his pioneering work in molecular biology.

After I graduate, I intend to work for The Smith Clinic, which is a federally-funded clinic catering to people with low incomes and Medicaid patients that are located in my home town of Cartersville, GA. Their primary requirement is nurses with experience in geriatrics as well as emergency medicine. My educational background and previous experiences will allow me to manage elderly patients suffering from diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s.

You can also be a part of the United States Air Force. The Air Force boasts a top-notch medical department I have found this to be an enormous benefit. In my ideal scenario, I’d be stationed at Canterbury Air Force base located in Chicago, Illinois. This base is base of the Sinclair Veteran’s Hospital, a 350-bed facility specializing in post-traumatic stress syndrome as well as trauma.

The United States has 2,909,357 registered nurses. GMU “prepares students to become leaders in their careers, organizations, and community.” Leadership is a key element to an effective nursing career. I’m confident that my dedication to education, experience, and training will give me the skills needed to make a difference not only within my local community, but also in the world.


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