Graduating From Thunderbird, Admission Essay Example

Graduating From Thunderbird, Admission Essay Example

Thunderbird can help me realize my dream of being part of a greater playing field by making it possible for me to complete my studies. Thunderbird can help me as a student to comprehend global management and multi-national business values. It will not just help ensure my future prosperity, but it will also enable me to comprehend and support companies and organizations internationally, using business practices as well as ethical standards. The global market demands companies that operate across borders. These companies require leaders and managers who can comprehend both business operations and customs. Thunderbird’s training will enable me to have a better knowledge of the field and allow me access to this area to improve efficiency and maximize any company’s profit in a global market. I understand that global management and its areas of study extend far beyond the organizational and procedure of a business; this encompasses operations in the current multifaceted and multi-cultural business world where many organizations and businesses are expected to span international boundaries and create long-term relationships.

Enhancing productivity by advancing technology is one of the main drivers in economic growth; the poorest countries have relied upon imports of technology via foreign direct investments. I view this as an opportunity to penetrate the international market and with the high-quality education Thunderbird offers, I intend to understand more about this and be able to accomplish this objective. Entry methods are the methods used for entering the foreign market, but I believe that my basic understanding of this could be expanded. Leaders need to be aware of the unique difficulties involved in making entry decisions. They must prioritize specific important variables first before evaluating other factors later. This topic will help me understand and develop my long-term goals. I want to learn more about international business and relations. The foreign market has a many advantages, especially in the era of currency manipulation as well as currency wars. This is the place where international markets and economies are fighting over trade and monetary values. I will strive to join in this in order to assist with a solution which may appear to be a long way off.

Thunderbird isn’t only about global management. It also covers business ethics, values, and moral conducts. International business is an extensive subject. I know that each market is unique and has its own rules and procedures. To build stronger connections in the global economy, I want to know more about the markets. Cultural differences between countries must be understood. It is important that you respect the ways of those in markets outside of the United States in order to be able to enter these markets. Thunderbird will assist me in retraining myself in this area and gain knowledge about certain values different countries may possess.

Through the high-quality education available at Thunderbird, I am confident that I will be able to tackle the challenges global managers may face; whether that’s getting an authorization to enter the market of a foreign country, or following the regulations set in a particular country. The training in the business operations of the global economy through Thunderbird will allow me to participate in being part of the global market in the near future. This will help me complete the school’s purpose of ” creating sustainable wealth all over the world.”


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