How is college writing different from high school

How is college writing different from high school

How is college writing different from high school

Here’s your story. Your high school writing was excellent and you were eager to go to college. The transition from high school writing to college writing was not as smooth as you expected. While your writing is still the same, you are working hard and trying your best, but your paper gets criticized heavily.

The transition from High school to College Academic Writing

While you expected the same routine as high school, college is more difficult because university standards are higher. In reality, however, you realize that the task has changed. Your instructor requires that you not only write better but also write in a different style as a mature person. But How is college writing different than high school? And are they expecting you to mature over summer?

No panic! No need to panic!

You’re on your own!

The first thing to remember is that you are responsible for your actions and have a lot of responsibility. While you were supported and motivated in school by your parents and teachers, college professors expect you to start the conversation if you have any questions. If you don’t understand the assignment or are unsure where to begin, don’t be afraid to ask your instructor. It is important to understand what your instructor expects from you.

Don’t miss the deadline!

Your homework assignments must be completed by a specific deadline. This is the main difference between high school writing and college writing. A teacher can excuse you from turning in a paper late if you have reasons such as “I was sick” or “I forgot it at school”. The professor will reply in college: “Well, that’s a shame. Can’t help but to tell you, your paper hasn’t been accepted.” Remember the due date, and plan ahead for your writing.

The argument is what they want!

College writing requires argumentation. Your paper should not only demonstrate that you have understood the material but also present your opinion – it is called argument. This paper will test your ability to critically analyze, critique, and make comments. After conducting research, college is all about communicating your opinion. You should make a point in your writing!

Get it back!

It is also important to back up your writing with reliable sources. Your argument must be supported by credible, free online sources. You should only use reliable sources that you can find in the library such as books and peer-reviewed journal articles. College tutors are looking for evidence that you can defend your views and present facts that support them.

Don’t pursue the ultimate truth!

High school students only know one definition of a term, and that is the absolute truth. It’s common knowledge in college that every finding can be incomplete, partial, or both. Your task is to look at the problem from many angles. You should explore as many theories as possible. Make sure to highlight their strengths and weaknesses. Also, look for missing elements in other sources. This will ensure that your research is not biased.

Sounds like a college student!

Writing should be academic. It is important to sound smart, but not just to retell what you have read. If you are unable to summarize all the points, you may not be able to do so if they are critical for your thesis. Remember that your reader is an expert in your field. Your professor probably has read every bit of material you have collected at least 10 times.

The format is important!

Formatting requirements can vary depending on the academic paper type and style.
You can easily format 4-6 papers in one style. This will make it easier to understand the basic rules. You shouldn’t forget to follow the format. It may not seem important, but your tutor will see it as an issue and you’ll lose points.

Let’s sum it up: College writing can be more difficult on many levels. But don’t worry, you will succeed. You will be able to write well after reading this article. As you all know, practice makes perfect. Just remember to adapt. Although the first month can be quite exhausting, we are always here to help you if you need it.


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