How to become a Public Defender Admission Essay Example

How to become a Public Defender Admission Essay Example

My top goal is to be enrolled in the graduate program and to work towards my final goalof become an official public Defender. The school will provide me with the education and opportunities to improve my career, as well as the skills needed to function at a higher level within the field. Becoming a public defender is an extremely challenging job that provides students of all ages to develop their strengths and test their abilities as critical thinkers and experienced legal professionals. A legal education can provide a solid educational background and legal skills to enable me to enhance my work experiences and background.

Through my entire career, I have been fortunate to have been employed as an employee of a local public defender’s office. While at this firm, I could witness first-hand accounts of intelligent arguing as well as receive on-site instruction and insight into the legal system and the politics of working in the legal system in order to protect clients from every background and case. As a lawyer, I saw many cases where clients were faced with harsh penalties following being falsely accused of and sentenced to shocking sentences because of poor representation. Many people face the same fate as a result of events that are outside of their control and unfortunately there is a shortage of public defenders who are able to handle the difficult cases and fight on behalf of the client rather than for their own personal interests. This is a career that is all about clients and doing what’s right. Due to my experiences working within the office of the public defender I was able to observe all this and was able to instill a profound conviction of morals and a sense of obligation towards the client.

I am currently employed in a pharmacy. It is here that I encounter people dealing with addiction to drugs and other problems that poverty can cause. Although this isn’t the most enjoyable of careers but the knowledge I’ve acquired during my brief time in a pharmacy continue to support my opinion that there is a definite need for good people to serve as public advocates. One of my strengths is that I’ve always worked hard to overcome adversities in my professional and personal life. Recently I graduated from college with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. While I was in school, I worked full-time. I’ve made sure my family as well as I are well-taken care of. It’s been a challenging job, but I know the challenges of having to confront the odds with aplomb and conquer obstacles in innovative and creative ways. Public defender work is similar to public defenders in that there are numerous problems that arise every day that can challenge our minds and break the rules and force professionals to take difficult choices.

Based on my personal experience and knowledge of this field, I believe this is the perfect job for me. It will allow me to reach my career objectives while also providing an enjoyable life for my family. I’m aiming to earn a post-graduate degree in law and eventually to start my own business to provide legal support and help to those who don’t have the financial means. Education is my number one priority. I hope that my efforts will show those close to me the advantages of higher education. I’m not content with my bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, I desire the opportunity to help make the world fair for everyone not just those who are wealthy. Education was not valued in my family’s growing up years. I have paid my way each step and will continue to work hard to achieve all of my goals and career aspirations in the field of law.


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