How to become a social worker, Admission Essay Example

How to become a social worker, Admission Essay Example

Becoming a social worker has never been my dream, but it is due to the experiences I went through that developed and changed me completely to a social worker. My entire life I had never thought of becoming a social worker or even learning about social issues until a moment in my life, which entirely changed my career path. I was working on the Wall Street for 15 years in a high reputable firm. My career life changed to a social worker when one moment I became ill suffering with depression, imbalance in hormones, which led me to being diagnosed as mentally ill and being declared an incapacitated person. Due to this situation, a guardian was appointed by the Supreme Court state to look after me. This condition also made me to spend a lot of time in and out of the mental institutions for several years. Some of these institutions were good and others even worst in the New York throughout my diagnosis time until I recovered fully. After being placed in the society of incapacitated persons for that time, I was able to experience the life inside those institutions as well as life conditions of different people in those institutions. I was able to experience how this targeted population lives, how they are rehabilitated and their other ways of life. This is the main reason that turned me to become a social worker. I came to realize that I need to help people as well as rehabilitate their lives after being helped to undergo the same experience.

Being a social worker did not came into my life because I had pursued a career in social sciences neither was it my long time desire for that, but it came to me after my experience I went through especially in those institution of mentally ill persons who are rehabilitated. That is the main reason behind changing my career and changing my interest to being a social worker. Initially I had no professional, academic, volunteer or even paid work experience that influenced me into that social work profession. This mainly developed from my personal experience and desire after a life experience. The desire to help those people who are mentally incapacitated has to a great extent changed my life career. This will enable me to help rehabilitate the lives of those who have become ill so that they can be able to resume to their normal life and work again and continue with their work well. After I was looked after and getting my life to normal from a mentally illness, this really turned me a lot to an extent of doing nothing more than helping those who are sick and turn their lives as well.

I order to perfect my skills and job in this field; I have decided to seek for education on social work so as to be able to improve my skills on this field of social work. Seeking of more education on this field will help me to serve people with a lot of profession as well as to be able to know more on what is needed in this field and that which is needed to be given to the patients as they continue to recover. I expect to perform and do more after getting education or knowledge from these social work studies. I expect to improve my skills greatly from this education as well as to be able to know keenly and deeply what people go through and how their conditions can be improved quickly. I will also be able to know what causes some of these problems and whether it is possible to prevent or even avoid them before they occur and if they occur how they can be avoided to become more acute or severe to the patients. I will also be able to know on how to make the recovered patients to go back to their normal lives.

I have great feeling towards other people lives as well as their health conditions. This is especially after going through health condition experience. I am always dedicated to my work especially when that desire is from within my heart. This makes me to fit very well in this field of being a social worker. I am also perseverance in all that I do, this is most suitable due to various challenges one faces in this social work field or profession.  After going through the institutions of incapacitated people for sometimes as a patient, there was one main personal attribute that I need to improve or strengthen so as to be able to survive and be able to increase my ability towards helping others. This is perseverance, unless one persevere the situations that are there, it may be hard for one to be able to help and assist those people to recover back.

They are several social issues in the society currently that need to be looked after or that are of great concern. The drug abuse has been the main issue that is really affecting the society and the young people to a great extent. The abuse of drugs by young people is them to be become mentally ill and losing their focus in life. Most of these people are ending up in mental institutions where they are rehabilitated until they fully recover to their normal lives. This issue has become of great concern to me as it is really affecting a lot of young people and still it is a situation that can be avoided if the correct measures like educating the youth and showing them other important things can be done.

My career interests and goals are to improve my skills in the social works sector and to be able to help as many people as possible to recover and continue with their lives. I also look upon helping those are incapable or incapacitated to be able to live a positive life and even to be able to adapt to the society. After graduating from the Silver School of social Work at the New York University, I will do my best to improve the conditions of those health institutions by ensuring that the patients are looked well and also taking into considerations other ways which their conditions can be improved greatly. I will also try to look at those conditions that make most people to get mentally sick and see if those problems can be reduced to reduce those cases in future. I will also ensure that those who recover are able to continue with their life well and adapt to it well.

Having been sick and recovered back to normal condition and normal life, I have developed that desire to help people recover back and gain their normality of life. I feel I have a price to pay by helping other sick people in the society to be able to recover and regain their health and move on with life. This desire has driven me not only to help the sick but also to study on the same so as to improve my skills.


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