How to Come up With a Creative Title

How to Come up With a Creative Title

How to Come up With a Creative Title

When a reader looks at your essay, the title is what catches his attention. It is like choosing the right outfit for a party. You are a star if your essay title is bright, creative, tasteful, and original. Everyone will want to get to know more about you.

It may seem that it is all about the essay. It’s the content that is important or the title? Professors will give extra credit to successful titles. We can’t go on about how important it is to have a catchy title for your essay that makes the reader want to read the paper immediately. Let’s not get distracted by the methods, as these will assist you in creating a title that is creative, interesting, clever, and all-around fantastic.

How to come up with a title for your essay:

  1. Browse the internet, look at some articles, and then analyze their titles. You should not go to the tabloids for inspiration. These so-called articles are mainly headlined with sensational titles to grab readers’ attention. It is disappointing when you dive into it. Don’t do this to your essay.
  2. Consider your audience and place yourself in the shoes of the reader to see what draws them to your essay.
  3. You can search for popular expressions or idioms using your keywords. It is possible to change a few words to make the statement more relevant to your topic while still keeping it recognizable. E.g. Eyes Wide Shut.
  4. You can use words that are not compatible, but they will form an interesting phrase. E.g. The Unbearable Lightness Of Being by Milan Kundera
  5. Choose a metaphor that best expresses the main idea of your essay. Although your title might not be entirely descriptive of the topic of the essay, it should convey the idea and then be explained in detail in the paper. For example, The Devil Wears Prada. (the movie).
  6. Use famous quotes and words to playing. E.g. To Kill or Not to Kill the Mocking Bird (can be analyzed by Harper Lee, and allusion to the famous Hamlet’s quote).
  7. It is also possible to use ambiguity in words. E.g. Mercury – The God of Elements if you are writing an essay about chemistry. (Mercury, apart from being a chemical element, is also a Roman god).
  8. You can use lines from any movie or book as well as lyrics to songs. E.g. All you need is a proactive leader if you’re writing an essay about leadership (famous Beatles song “All You Need Is Love”).
  9. Mix and match classics with the most up-to-date. E.g. I Gave you My Heart, but You Sold it Online by Dixie Cash.
  10. If it captures the essence of the entire text, you can quote it.
  11. Use the beloved “VS” to create conflict E.g. American Gangster Lucas Vs. Richie Roberts. (essay on psychology).

NB. It is important to consider whether the title matches the style and type of essay that you are writing. When you want to know something on How to create a creative title Remember to not make a title for your essay before you start writing it! This is usually the last part of the essay. Your interests and research angle might change. While you may have some ideas and a title in mind, the final version should only be formed at the end. Our writers can help you if you have an idea and know how it should look. Give us a shout!


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