How to make an essay longer?

How to make an essay longer?

How to make an essay longer?

9 clever tricks to make your essay appear longer

Are you frustrated by the fact that you don’t have enough pages to write about the topic you chose? We’re sure you have. This is why we believe this post will be useful to every student who wants to increase the length of his paper. We understand that you might have questions about ethics, but we are here to calm you down. There are no moral rules that you are breaking. Teachers have never told you to judge a book by its cover. The same here. For one person to cover the same topic, it takes five pages, and for another 10 pages. The main point is to address the topic. Let’s just say that it is helpful to your laconic style of writing so it fits within the requirements.

Here’s a list of possible things to try:

  1. One classic trick is to switch your front. Palatino Linotype is the best option. It is a bit more vertically long, so it might look even better if this front is used.
  2. Another option is to reduce the number of pages at the bottom. It can be attributed to the Microsoft Word auto-formatting
  3. As few contractions are possible. Use abbreviations sparingly when writing numbers. Every bit counts! Every little bit helps!
  4. Footnotes can be used to not only extend the line they are currently on but also add a descriptive line at the page’s bottom.
  5. Add a few words to the end of the paragraph so that it extends to the next line. Think about the adjectives that you can use for describing a noun.
  6. Click on Format>Font and then go to character spacing. This will increase the spacing between letters, but it won’t be very obvious.
  7. Make the periods larger. Hit Ctrl+F to make the periods larger. Hit More>Format>Font to make the font size 14 or larger than 12 standards. It can be repeated with any symbol.
  8. Write your paper (e.g. Double space paper is as easy as highlighting all. Navigate to the spacing feature under paragraph setting and put “at least 29 pt.” This adds a small amount of space between lines, thereby extending your paper. It is not known by the teacher.
  9. Your essay title should be bolded and underlined. Break your title in the middle if it is too long.

These tricks have been tried and tested. If you are caught by a teacher trying to get you to do these things, explain to them that page minimums cannot be taken seriously and the most famous brainiacs were unable to follow common rules and standards. As soon as you can grasp the evidence, run and don’t stop! Happy lengthening! Let’s see if we can come up with some of our own ideas!


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