How To Use Your Intended Major, Admission Essay Example

How To Use Your Intended Major, Admission Essay Example

What is your planned major? Discuss how your interest in the subject developed and describe any experiences you’ve had in the field including volunteer work, internships , work, as well as involvement in student groups or activities – and also what you’ve gained through your involvement.

I plan to pursue a degree in Economics specifically Environmental Economics. After visiting the factory of my father, Shengze in China, I became interested in this area. In contrast to the tranquil surroundings I experienced during my visit five years ago, Shengze has become a city of skyscrapers and smoggy atmosphere. The excessive focus of China on economic growth has disappointed me. I also believe that it is a great chance cost of ignoring sustainable development. I was inspired to study Economics in order to help achieve a balance between the development of economics and sustainability in my own country.

Apart from my visionary view, my passion motivates me to plan and implement numerous initiatives that aim to make a significant positive impacts on my customers. As vice-president of the SIFE the business group at DVC, I launched the two-month “Going Green Project” in the last quarter of the year. It started off with a discussion forum on helping businesses cut costs by using less disposable containers. There was also the “Outing Day” where our club visited stores in downtown Pleasant Hill to promote the importance of being considerate to the natural environment when carrying out business practices. The project taught me that the environment as well as the economy are inextricably linked. Reducing the usage of styrofoam could benefit the environment as well as the economy by minimizing deadweight loss.

My mantra is “The most devastating failure is when you aren’t willing to attempt”. That’s what I’ve narrated. I am confident in realizing my dream of reforming China into a sustainable, developed country because I strongly believe that success comes from daring to dream. To prove this rather than taking the safe option of joining a prestigious large-scale business group like the PBL, I committed myself to the SIFE. Even though there were no members this year, I took the chance to be the club’s president. I felt confident with my leadership skills that I could have a positive impact on the club. Noticing that the crucial factor in attracting members was building the brand name of the organization, I created internship opportunities which were scarce and extremely sought-after by students. Being an international student without connections, many believed that my idea for an internship was not feasible. Yet with my persistence, I succeeded in persuading several companies including Waddell & Reed and Farmers to provide internships for our members. My inventive ideas helped to increase membership of the club from 10 to 70. In addition, I managed to boost the club’s income from 200 dollars to more than 500 dollars. Establishing brand names was an essential step to the growth of businesses globally.

My experience has taught me to be a visionary leader. I am a leader with vision who sets goals and then rallies supporters to reach these goals. In meetings with the members, I proposed a project to increase the revenue of the school by introducing a credit card program that would enable the school to share the profits of a credit-card company. I approached, and am now working with the Foundation Office of DVC to launch the programme.

With a love of Economics and the aim to create a balance between environmental and economic developments My goal is to focus on China’s need for sustainability. I am convinced that my studies in the University of California will best help me attain this aim.


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