Innovative Thinking, Admission Essay Example

Innovative Thinking, Admission Essay Example

Creative thinking, as a concept is a universal concept that transcends borders. It can transform an entire nation, or change an individual’s life. All that’s required is a way of thinking that “creates” and transcends actual or imagined boundaries.

An example is derived from my own experience. The cost of gas increased significantly in the last few years, almost doubling the amount that people were used to paying. Like I’m sure that the majority of people did, friends and family members adjusted. They planned their budgets and tried to reduce driving for recreation for reasons. And they still paid higher rates.

One man I knew was, however, in a particular dilemma due to this problem. He had recently landed an appointment for a six-month consultant in a city that was nearly two hours distant from his home, and could not access via public transport. The job was urgently needed, but he also calculated the total cost. This resulted in it being less attractive. He would have to drive to work in order to make ends meet however he took this opportunity to save money.

Unwilling to concede defeat, however, he determinedly sought ways to achieve his initial goals. He broadened his vision to consider other options, which was because certain circumstances were out of his control. This enabled him to come up with inventive solutions. He realized that he had the cause himself, as his travels were from an undetermined location. He could change that and get himself to a location where transportation was not prohibitively expensive and everything would go as planned. Social media and the internet were used to look for living arrangements within the proximity of his work. He was able to find the ideal roommate in less than a week. He sublet the apartment and was able complete the consulting job at virtually zero cost.

This is an example of the way “creative thinking” isn’t always an artistic endeavor. It could be simply a matter of imagination, and a desire to explore the possibilities to attain extremely practical goals.


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