Journalism, Admission Essay Example

Journalism, Admission Essay Example

Living in our tech savvy word, mass media controls all aspects of daily life. It has been very interesting for me to discover the impact media has on the society. Social media, as an instance has enabled the public to interact with celebrities and general society in a way that was not possible prior to the development of technology. Many people can see instantly celebrities’ posts and updates on recent events. Their opinions can both positively or negatively impact people’s perception of the topic. My love for this aspect of Journalism has led me to develop an curiosity about verbal communication and different aspects of journalism. A degree in Journalism will help me develop my abilities further and create a successful career in the field I enjoy.

As a Journalism major I will be able to learn abilities that will assist me prepare for various media careers. Journalism is always changing and growing due to the advancements in technology. Technology is enhancing the way professionals use equipment and even online software. The process of education is never ending and a journalist never stops studying the subject. There’s always more information to discover and new methods to use. Journalism classes will improve my speaking and writing abilities. I believe that this is crucial because writing and speaking are two of the most commonly used methods of communicating. These skills can be applied to every aspect of my life. A person’s ability to communicate and write well speaks volumes about them. If I ever wanted to quit journalism, I’d still be able to utilize the abilities I’ve accumulated in other positions.

My fascination with media communication and humanities grew as I moved to the United States to study as an freshman in college. I was a student in film education and had the opportunity to attend two screen-openings for the films Only Lovers Left Alive and Belle. Thanks to the class, I was given an opportunity to talk to the film’s directors. After conducting interviews, I realized that working in mass media requires a lot of hardwork. I was inspired by this experience and became even more interested in the field. Since then, I have been able to travel to New York City and Los Angeles to get some firsthand experiences in the field. I’ve had the opportunity to attend the red carpet and get to meet famous people such as Tyra Banks and One Direction. This was among my favorite experiences throughout my school career.

I’ve never imagined myself to be an actor, however I am confident that my extraordinary skills and hard work can be a positive influence behind the scenes. Journalism can allow me to have an impact on the world. I had the opportunity to assist in the wardrobe and makeup of characters in a film produced by a school. This experience taught me how people view the film. It was an incredible experience. I was elated knowing my contribution made an impact on other experience.

My objective as a journalist is not to be recognized by the world and be recognized as a journalist, but rather to be able to positively transform the way others view the world. Being an artist, I imagine myself as Plato in the cave allegory. I simply want to improve the world as a place. My aim is to increase the contributions and appreciation of people to the society they reside in. Everybody wants to make a contribution to the world. But, many do not have the means to make a difference. My job can allow me to make a difference in the world.


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