Law School Application, Application Essay Example

Law School Application, Application Essay Example

Throughout the course of my life, I have developed a passion for aiding the lives of other individuals. Specifically, I am big on diversity and the manner in which it has the ability to solve the most important current world problems within our society. By breaking the social barriers that are brought about by societal negligence, individuals would be able to collaborate with one another in order to strive for a better future for all of humanity. Though this might sound heroic at best, I truly believe in the resolve that diversity should mean embracing all kinds of individuals and implementing each individual’s ideas in order to work for a better community. I believe that by making use of the cultural awareness, diversity, and overall perspective obtained at the Loyola Graduate Program, it is without a doubt that I would be able to apply it to the real world in years to come. By attending the Graduate Program, I would also be able to realize the importance of unity across all countries.

I am cognizant of the actuality that I have great potential in being able to change the lives of others. Upon acceptance into the Loyola Graduate Program, I intend to maximize the amount of lives I can aid by assisting in any and all kinds of legal matters using my strong assertiveness and acceptance of others. I have found within myself a love for humanity. This has formulated me into the human being I am today, making me strive for excellence in everything that I do.

Through this humane acceptance of every individual I encounter, I would gain the opportunity to be in a position to guide individuals through complex legal processes.

Because of the manner in which I take a great interest in community service, I have found that I can be of service to other by practicing law. I would be able to do this by empowering other people and giving them the necessary information in order for them to make the correct decisions in their lives. On another note, I know that resiliency defines my personality, allowing me to guide other individuals through difficult decisions and life obstacles. One such example in which I have had to demonstrate resilience in all aspects of my life was May 2007. It was in this time that a life test came way; I tore my ACL along with my meniscus. With this injury came a great time of loss and mourning. However, I believe that through the major use of my perseverance and resiliency, I was able to push through the difficult times and get through the injury. Despite the fact that this does not speak volumes about my academic aspects as a student, it does say a lot regarding my motivation and drive to never give up regardless of what obstacle may be in front of me.

My ultimate goal is to leave an unremovable imprint on humanity. I strive to be just like fellow boilermaker Neil Armstrong and what his brave crew did, so the world can remember that all it takes to witness change is to act upon it. I yearn to be the instigator of change that the world so strongly needs. Due to my extensive ambition to alway be more and do more, I refuse to give up on my dreams to help individuals live better. Through my hard work, I will create a whole different standard of living for many individuals. I am invariably up for such a challenge and push myself to pick up more each and every day. This is all a story waiting to be told.


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