Law University Admission Essay Example

Law University Admission Essay Example

Law school has always been a dream of mine. Because of my studies in various areas of law, I have an excellent basis in law. My educational achievement in Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration has equipped me with important knowledge on business processes and various issues that faces businesses. In addition, having a certificate in Forensic Science and Medical Assistant and Paralegal has advanced my knowledge of legal processes, which has inspired my decision to pursue a career in law. Currently I am in the Associate in Arts Paralegal program at Platt College. This has allowed me to expand my knowledge about the field of law , which will assist me in my pursuit of the law degree.

For 15 years, I worked as a manager at a well-respected business. The position put me in a strategic position to experience the legal matters which business organisations face. My academic abilities in Business Administration and paralegal AA have been extremely effective in protecting the interests of the company and bringing it to new levels. Because of the numerous problems that are faced by my company, I’ve always had a desire to pursue a law degree. As a manager, I was able to improve my decision-making skills and problem solving abilities that I believe are essential in the field of law. The admission to a law university will offer an opportunity to advance my knowledge of legal issues particularly in the field of business organization.

Taking a law degree online is a great idea since I’ll be able to work and also complete my studies in AA paralegal at Platt College. Personal qualities are a major factor when pursuing this online course. I am open and willing to share my life as well as my education and work experience in the course experience. To be able to learn online, you need to possess an extrovert attitude and enjoy the process. My outstanding communication skills , both in written and spoken English can allow me to communicate myself to the online community and thus learning. I’m also self-motivated, which will allow me to work hard towards my dream of getting an law degree. Self-motivation helps a person to keep their focus and face challenges. In addition, I’m self-motivated and disciplined. This characteristic will assist me as an online student take responsibility for my choices and achieve my goals.

Another quality that I believe can help me take my online class is the ability to accept critical thinking and make educated choices. Learning requires that the student make decisions based on facts and experience. In addition, the process of absorbing information and rightful decision-making requires an ability to think critically.

Being able to develop a broad range of problem-solving skills from my previous educational and work experiences puts me in a position to work from home. My proficiency in technology, specifically internet technology, is an enormous benefit. This will enable me to be able to adapt to a conducive learning environment and thus earn an education in law. The online education process requires dedication. It is important to do online work and study with minimal supervision. Not to mention I am a self-study student with occasionally being supervised. Online classes are a great opportunity to gain knowledge. The instructor can offer support through comments and posting instructions. Thus, admission to a law university will offer me the chance to gain knowledge about law and to be able to assist the public by assisting in legal matters in a professional manner.

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