Leadership Definition, Admission Essay Example

Leadership Definition, Admission Essay Example

One of my hobbies is reading about the past and people. I’ve learned many useful lessons through this process. Many people look to famous personalities for inspiration, however I was fortunate to have one such personality right in my family. My grandfather, who began from humble beginnings , and later established a business that makes agricultural products, is the most inspirational person I’ve ever known. While initially he served only individuals His leadership helped the company to grow quickly and then begin serving commercial customers. His achievements in the field of business were as much in line with his leadership capabilities as they did with his professional abilities.

As I think about leadership, I realize that my grandfather is the only person who has shaped my entire perception of what leadership should be like. My view of the role of leadership was that they intimidated people who were experts in their respective fields. However, my grandfather explained to me once that there are a variety of power. One of these is through formal status within the company. But my grandfather said he did not have the greatest respect for the power that is derived from rank since it could oblige followers to do whatever you like, but does not assure full commitment from them. My grandfather believed that leaders should not only win his followers’ hearts but also order them. When followers truly admire their leader, they are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill the leader’s goals.

My grandfather also helped to change my belief that a leader must be the most intelligent person in the organization. My grandfather used to say that he doesn’t want to be the smartest in the room as it puts him in an advantage. One person has only so much to learn from the other person who is the smartest. My grandfather taught me a leader’s objective should not be to be the smartest person rather, be surrounded by the most intelligent person, as true leadership is about effectively managing the human potential of the organization.I have also learnt from my father that leaders must seek out personal connections with their followers. When they feel like they’re appreciated and valued for their efforts They shine brightest.

We hear often about leaders being extremely smart, very few people talk about the value of emotional intelligence. My grandfather was able to understand the importance of emotional intelligence and used to tell me that even a leader is not without weaknesses and limitations and should be aware of them. My grandfather advised that a leader must believe in himself, but should not overly certain. Overconfidence can lead to damage to the legacy. My grandfather was a big fan of Warren Buffet in this regard and advised me to find out more about Warren Buffet. As I read about Warren Buffet, I did find out that Buffet is always careful to not commit a mistake that he isn’t aware of and also not let his pride and ego hindering business.

I am grateful to my grandpa for teaching me the fundamentals of leadership. He challenged a lot of my notions about leadership. Now I understand why there are so few leaders who are effective. Many leaders fall prey to ego, pride and greed and are driven by to be in the spotlight. They fail to realize that their greatest weapon is their followers.


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