MBA at University of Leicester, Admission Essay Example

MBA at University of Leicester, Admission Essay Example

Working as an analyst in the field of finance is a rewarding experience. I frequently have to work with other departments in regards to costing and forecasting projects. Although I know that financial planning and cash management are essential business processes but they are not able to be performed by themselves within businesses. After nearly four years working for AB InBev, I realized that I needed to learn more about the management of resources and people to enhance my career. Since it offers a greater variety of managerial skills than other courses, the University of Leicester MBA postgraduate program is the best option for me. Additionally, it’s a good choice for me to expand my knowledge of the issues of corporate finance and regulations that are likely to impact my employer’s strategies in the future.

My current degree is a B.A. in Finance from the University of Missouri Columbia, that I earned in 2009, I am aware of it is necessary to refresh my knowledge about the latest methods of forecasting, creating crisis management plans, supporting other departments with their plans and development of projects and delivering the necessary changes. I believe that the world economy is becoming more competitive. Therefore, financial planning and assistance of management at the highest level in order to deliver new initiatives and fund these initiatives will gain importance. My previous experience has shown me to be a skilled team player, learner and experienced. To gain a full understanding of the activities of the other departments as well as their priorities, I will need to have the leadership skills I plan to acquire during the MBA program at the University of Leicester. I specialize in Finance.

After looking at the course structure for the MBA program, it was evident that I would like to take advantage of. I would like to understand the issues facing companies today, including globalization as well as ethical and governance issues. Additionally, I want to learn about leadership styles that affect the overall performance of the organization. Some of these areas I’d like to explore are covered in the course’s main content and also by the optional modules, like “Contemporary Questions in International Financial Reporting” as well as “Financial Option Pricing”. I believe that understanding organizational behavior is among the most essential skills a manager can obtain to be able to create positive changes within the company. Managers need to communicate clearly their vision, goals and higher purpose to get the trust of their employees. So, getting a better understanding of managing businesses will enable me to be a better team member and leader too.

My job at present has me volunteering for various projects which require me to supervise the planning and execution of procedures. If I was asked to train employees about new approaches and methods of cash management, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also served as an EP Champion. This means that I brought fresh concepts to my colleagues and presented them to them in order to improve efficiency and spread awareness about the new methods. I am convinced that if I get accepted for the University of Leicester’s MBA program, I will be able to enhance my leadership abilities even more, making me more efficient as a manager and an asset to my employer. I am interested in learning new methods that allow businesses to generate more value for their customers as well as act responsibly to benefit all stakeholders as well as the entire society.


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