MBA in International Business Admission Essay

MBA in International Business Admission Essay


I have a broad commercial background with a strong desire to work in large corporate business structures. My ultimate goal is to obtain an Executive Management position within one of these large organizations. Education is a key step towards securing a job in a large corporation. I am particularly attracted to the International MBA program because in ideal circumstances I’d like to find a position in a multi-national company that would give me with the chance to travel around the world and learn about diverse cultures, management styles and leadership styles.

In deciding on a job, I considered many options before settling on a business career. While I’ve not had much exposure to the subject, I am determined to establish an academic foundation that will serve as the foundation for establishing a career in business management. I believe the MBA program can provide that basis and enable me to achieve a suitable post as a graduate in the largest multinational company


My opinion is that the future global business leader will be defined by the effects of globalization. The manager has to be multi-faceted and can converse in a number of languages, including English. Additionally, they will require an in-depth understanding of different cultures and people in different countries , and also be adept at dealing with local decision making having the ability to often deal with a number of conflicting needs. Therefore, it is important to learn the various leadership styles and styles, especially those of the transformative leader so that you can apply them in a real-world setting.

A Reputable Business School

I chose your business school due to the excellent image it has gained in the field of International Business Administration. I was particularly impressed with the library and research facilities, as well with the level of sophistication in Information Technology. As such I believe the school meets my expectations of a solid educational foundation for the 21 st Century manager. The school also has a top tutoring team with top academics in the field of Business Administration.

dedicated to success

My strong ambition to succeed is in line with my determination to achieve success with regards to completing this course. I am confident that I’ll be able to put in the effort and reach my goals. I’ll be able to improve my professional analytical abilities, business skills in problem-solving, decision-making and problem-solving capabilities by completing the MBA program. After I have completed the MBA program, it will provide me with the solid foundation to build my practical skills training.

Importance of Alumni

Business School will also assist in my development of a peer group as well as the building of an organization of like-minded business professionals. This will help build teams and create long-lasting friendships that go beyond University into the world of business. The Alumni society is also a great way to keep in touch with the Business School. It continues the professional relationship throughout the career development cycle within the business world.


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