Motivation, Admission Essay Example

Motivation, Admission Essay Example

Every aspect of our lives we are dependent on certain aspects and traits that enable us to reach and operate within our limitations. These urges and urges that are so strong they inspire us with a sense of insight and focus on certain successes are the things that life has created as motivation. There is an old saying: “wherever there is a will, there bound to be the way.” In more lay man terms, the most important thing in this case is that motivation is what makes the happen.

This paper will expound deeply on my thesis as well as my personal account of the motivations to be college student. My interest is in computer information and telecommunications systems.

In my studies , motivation aids me attain excellence in various areas that I am studying and other indoors as well as outdoors activities. But, the majority of people do not know where motivation originates. What is the trigger? What are the feelings that motivate you? We’re so busy with our lives that we fail to appreciate the great effort and importance of motivation.

Motivation for me is the energy that drives us to achieve our goals and dreams in our lives. From life experience and reading manual I have gained knowledge of categorizing motivation in two form; external and internal. A motivation that is internal is something I do which makes me feel satisfied and relaxed. There are many reasons to motivate me for instance, the desire to achieve success in my computer information and telecommunications course due to personal motivations. External motivation is what I need to do in order to gain outside benefits, such as good grades and recognition for my project participation.

When I took up my studies, I experienced a mix of motivation from both sides and this is termed mixed motivation. This is the horizon where both motivations work parallel, this is when external motivation helps me to succeed to achieve my goals. This has been complimented with internal motivation in making my study enjoyable and fascinating. My external motives make me strive for a great job following college, and this motivates me to finish my studies with high marks. I’m a mom because of my psychology course that I enjoy as a subject.


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