My Dream Field of Study, Admission Essay Example

My Dream Field of Study, Admission Essay Example

Prompt #1

Media Arts is my most preferred area of study since it lets me communicate my thoughts with a positive and lucrative way. Since the time I was a teen I’ve had this as my lifelong passion.

After I completed my secondary school, my third year with the Vocational Training Centre was in Hong Kong. The Advanced Diploma in Commercial Design program confirmed my conviction that this was the path I wanted. I was convinced that I needed greater knowledge and experience which is why I applied my learnings to a second-year internship at a large advertising company.

The experience provided me with an opportunity to utilize my media arts skills in a direct way that was exactly what I required. My work and studies at the Training Centre meant that I was always learning new methods to create design. I became familiar with Illustrator, Photoshop, 3D Max, and Flash programs, as I learned how to employ these programs to convey and develop my concepts.

Although these experiences of learning were both essential and welcome to me, I nonetheless believed that I needed to further my education. When I was unable to express my thoughts and myself during meetings, it was a challenge. I wanted my background to be more solid and broad, and I felt that studying abroad could help me to translate my art into actual, workable design. To achieve this, when joining Bellevue College, I volunteered for the Campus Activity Board and was able to use my skills in promoting CAB events through media. My education and experiences have allowed me to to prepare for my dream of becoming a professional media designer.

Prompt #2

The “Famine 30” experience will stay with me throughout my entire life. This was something that I was able to volunteer during my time in high school and it provided me with insights into my own life and a way of living that I don’t believe I’d have would have.

This is the reason I decided to sign up for it. It was a test and seeing the announcement read “No Food for thirty hours”, piqued my interest. The idea behind the challenge was basic, and we were required to live without food or shelter for 30 hours. I believe I could have appreciated the sufferings of so many people around the world from the beginning.

It most definitely was. Over a thousand people took part in the huge stadium, listening to speakers. One participant shared a video from the trip he took to Bangladesh, and I found it to be truly inspiring. Even though they were constantly hungry, these individuals did not show any lack of faith or enthusiasm. Much like the majority of volunteers, I was also in a state of hunger and was having to cope with all the unanticipated and bizarre emotions. Because we all knew how each felt, it helped create an unison bond and deep respect for one another.

It was a realization that happiness isn’t something you can have. Happiness isn’t an essential part of living. Those who have enough food and drink to eat must remember that life is harsh and cruel. It’s easy to take basic comforts for granted, and I do not think I’ll ever believe that my privileges are the right of my rights. As I became more conscious of my own benefits, I realized that I am responsible to help alleviate hunger in whatever little way I could.

Prompt #3

Being a student to me is an endlessly rewarding and satisfying way to live. By this, I mean that studying Media Arts is just one part of the vast learning life can offer and I’d like to explore as much of all of it that I can. My optimism is a natural quality and I’m eager to find new ways to improve my life and study.

I believe of the strength and power of animals. Maomi, Xiao S, and Badt are my three cats. I cannot foresee a time in my lifetime when I will not have animals to take care of. I volunteer for the Petco Adoption Center because I am convinced that the joy pets bring to people is something that every person should feel, and I’d like to play my part to ensure that as many unwanted creatures as possible find their way into happy homes.

I’m looking forward fully immersing my self in the Media Arts education as well as the professional and personal opportunities that this will bring. Happy now, I want to be satisfied in my future as a world-class creator of media design.


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