My Future, Admission Essay Example

My Future, Admission Essay Example

There are certain moments throughout our lives where we need to decide on the direction our lives will take as. The most crucial time in your life is the selection of a profession and education. It is also critical for your future development. It is essential to choose your career free of any external influences. It must satisfy you. A commitment to your job means that you will never regret pursuing this profession. This is why I was thinking a lot of my goals for the future and came up with an idea that I’d like to be a doctor. Because I love helping people and being involved in research and development, I believe medicine is the career I would like to pursue. Although I’ve chosen medicine as my profession I’m not certain which specialty I am most interested in There is a broad variety of specialties and I’m not sure which one I prefer, but for the first years of study it doesn’t matter.

My goal in education is to be a doctor through attending undergraduate school and then at a four-year university before advancing to graduate school. Although I know I have many tasks to do, it’s something I’m determined to do. To ensure that I am successful in my future professional and academic pursuits, I decided that I must improve my grades and study more.

A good undergraduate school will provide me with the basis for my future studies, as well as increase my odds of getting into university. To become a top doctor, I’m prepared to be a hard worker and to learn a lot. This will allow me to strike a equilibrium between studying and building my social life.

I think it is wise to go to four-year university following my undergraduate degree. The program of training is standard for all students so I’ll have plenty of time to choose my future specialty. I’m most likely to be a surgeon, oncologist or cardiologists. My attention and diligence will enable me to comprehend the entire aspect of medicine education. There is a chance that some students are scared about the hard work and the science involved, but this isn’t me.

My main objectives in my study include learning make use of the latest advancements in modern medicine for diagnosis and treatment and apply my interpersonal skills in my medical practice and care and to be part of a team of specialists; conduct research, share my knowledge and advocate for a healthier way of life. I am motivated to make people better through my professionalism and caretaking. My goal is to become an expert physician. I’ll use all of my skills and talents to join the nation’s largest Health Care team.

University years are excellent for educating as well as for the continuation of social activities. I’m a warm, open-minded person who is looking to make new friends while being on campus. In addition, I’d like to get involved in the college community, student’s organizations and research work. I am ambitious to realize myself as a public figure at the university level and also to be involved with other students in scientific and other campus communities. These programs will keep you updated and informed about the most recent advances in modern medicine, so that , one day, you can use them.

After four years at the university and possibly a year of internship and then it’s time to enter graduate school. Based on my eventual area of study, I’ll be there for several years. My future is as a PhD and a reputable doctor.

Just like all people I’d like to start an extended family. In my opinion, the ideal time to get married is following completion of a specialization training, which could be after or within fellowship. I’ll be able to provide for my family with a steady income and regular employment.

That’s how I see my future. My studies could take longer than I had anticipated due to the possibility of changes in my life. Whatever happens, I’ll earn my PhD degree and will work to save human lives.


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