Nurse Anesthesia Program, Admission Essay Example

Nurse Anesthesia Program, Admission Essay Example

Having great personal interest in clinical nursing, I’ve taken a variety of courses pertaining the nursing field, including an Associate Degree in Nursing and the BSN degree. The knowledge and abilities I’ve acquired through my education has been very useful in the development of my career as a nurse. In addition, I’ve been employed in various aspects of nursing in different hospitals. I was able build my confidence as a skilled nurse by working in a step-down area in the Thomas Jefferson hospital.

I’ll be able to learn the necessary skills in nursing when I enroll in the University of Pennsylvania’s CRNA program. I’ve been employed in an ICU unit for cancer patients in Fox Chase Cancer Center. The unit was able to assist patients suffering from chronic cancers. It motivated me to enroll in the University of Pennsylvania’s CRNA program. This was the most effective program as it offers students a primary site of practice throughout their studies. Faculty are also able to mentor students. Students have the option to take classes at different clinics. This allows them to enhance their learning experiences. The program integrates teaching in the classroom in a simulation lab, clinical and classroom setting.

Taking a CRNA course at Penny Nursing School, guarantees a universal certification, the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Education Programs of American Association of Nurse Anesthetists provides this. All students in the CRNA course can take the national test. This permits students to be certified as CRNA in Pennsylvania as well as in all other states. Additionally, the school offers well equipped operating rooms, which provide students the opportunity to learn and exercise various skills acquired in the classroom such as the placement of anesthetics the insertion of chest tubes, different fiber optic intubation equipment as well as the using Site Rite ultrasound in inserting central venous catheters, among other skills required in CRNA.

The university program also uses the most recent and advanced technological innovations in the simulator labs where students can learn and practice the acquired skills , and then integrate these techniques into actual clinical scenarios and build the ability to deal with new and emerging anesthetic clinical scenarios such as Malignant Hyperthermia and fires in operating rooms. As a CRNA the skills I acquire will allow me to provide the best quality anesthetic care to patients in the United States and across the world. The opportunity to integrate various learnt skills and application of modern technology in anesthesia will aid to develop a passion to pursue my professional and personal goals to excel in this noble profession.

It also has a great reputation and is connected with renowned hospitals. This will allow me to use the expertise acquired in a highly-equipped healthcare facility. I’m determined to give the best possible human experience. The university also holds important values that I believe are essential to my success and reaching my goals.

The mission of Penn’s CRNA program, which is to advance the understanding of nurse anesthesia through educating students to be great teachers, researchers, researchers and decision makers, is the perfect way to help me realize my goals as a nurse. So, enrolling in the CRNA program at University of Pennsylvania will greatly impact and enhance my knowledge and abilities in the field of nursing that I believe are essential to help the human race and the community at large.


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