Nurse Desiree, Admission Essay Example

Nurse Desiree, Admission Essay Example

Nursing is a noble, passionate profession. Because I have always felt a desire to serve others, I am keen to pursue a degree in nursing. I’ve experienced a variety of human suffering that gave me the chance to pursue my dream. As a result, I am driven to help others. I am a qualified nurse and this will assist me in enhancing my abilities. The knowledge and skills I acquire will allow me in serving humanity all over the world. Aside from my strong desire to be a nurse, I also have the motivation to assist others to the best of my capabilities.

My interest in nursing was inspired by my mother’s experiences in the field. My mom was a nurse, and I adored growing up. I was drawn to nursing due to the fact that she helped patients recover from illnesses. She also helped me understand the value of nursing, which encouraged me to pursue the field. My role model and source of inspiration in achieving my goals, specifically as a nurse, is my mother.

All through, I have worked hard in various disciplines related to nursing and the medical field as a whole such as mathematics and science. My results were excellent and I believe it is an opportunity to continue my career in nursing. Acceptance into this institution will offer an opportunity to pursue a degree and gain experience that is essential to helping the community and the world in general. I intend to work hard to fulfill my goal in nursing once I am admitted to the institution.


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