Nursing Case Study Format

Nursing Case Study Format

Nursing students can look into a case study to get a detailed look at a patient. These case studies focus on specific patients and include information about their symptoms, medical history, and diagnoses.

You will need to show a case that the case examiners have handled, and explain the patient’s symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options, and any information from a physical exam.

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Nursing Case Study

Nursing case study papers are complex and contain many sections. You should get the full instructions from your professor on how to write your paper. To help you, we have provided the basic nursing case study structure.

  • Introduction. This section explains who the patient is (age and gender). Then, you will demonstrate the problem (diagnosis) and then present your main argument. ).
  • History. This section will explain the symptoms and the health issues the patient is experiencing. Include any past treatments. ).
  • Similar treatments This section will explain the treatment the patient is receiving due to his/her illness.
  • Nursing diagnosis. Describe your diagnosis and your goals for helping the patient recover. ).
  • Nursing interventions. Explain how you will accomplish your nursing goals, and support this with citations. Don’t forget to cite your sources.
  • Evaluation and recommendation. Explain how effective the nursing intervention was and what the patient should do in the future to continue recovery/improvement.

Tips for Writing a Nursing Case Study

The quality of your nursing case study will determine how well you have completed each section. Your use of proper formatting style will also be evaluated. These are the things that will ensure a great result:

  • Citations should be included in every paper.
  • All claims about the disease, its causes, and treatment should be supported with references to relevant literature.
  • Cite information from books or articles that you have learned. You are telling your reader that you have found the information (how to treat the illness, etc.) and you don’t cite it.

Study of the Benefits of Psychiatric Nursing

Nursing students can use case studies from psychiatric nursing to help them develop a diagnosis and test their knowledge. Writing case studies can be a valuable learning tool. It forces students to think about the entire treatment process, from diagnosing to treating the patient.

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