NYU and Art History, Admission Essay Example

NYU and Art History, Admission Essay Example

For me, art is an aesthetically and intellectually interesting lens to study history. The past is more alive than any other discipline since every culture and society has shaped the history of the world by the facts as well as the oblique views that they expressed in the realm of art. Factual information and documented events also have their appeal but my fascination is more in researching the ways in which people of the past, sometimes in difficult circumstances and in opposition to popular opinions, employed art to capture the spirit of their time. This process, which was often unintentional makes it no less compelling to me, or valid as a discipline.

These kinds of courses have given me one unforgettable learning experiences in my entire life. In the last two summers, I was able to visit Paris and Barcelona which I spent a great deal of time in museums. It’s hard to gaze at the incredible works of art these places have and not feel a strong urge to learn more. The feeling lingers with me when I travel to New York City, on weekends during breaks from boarding school. It is a wonderful place to live and it is home to a variety of museums and galleries.

New York University is the school I believe is the best fit for my educational pursuits. A celebrated and vibrant institution of learning in itself, it is doubly enhanced by location; what I am able to learn in its classes will influence the art I can view for myself within a few city blocks away. Additionally, NYU’s pride in being an integrated environment is what attracts me most to it. The school is situated in a beautiful city, and is conscious of its special location. It encourages students to explore the world that surrounds them. Because art history is my passion and New York boasts both this fine school and a world-class art scene, I can think of a college experience that is more in line with the direction I wish to take.


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