Pepperdine University, Admission Essay Example

Pepperdine University, Admission Essay Example

Education has always been important but the forces of globalization have further increased the importance of education due to more mobile factors of production. Geographical and cultural barriers have been declining and it is important to develop a global perspective to succeed in the 21st century. This is why I aim to pursue my graduate degree in global business at Pepperdine University so that I am adequately prepared to pursue an exciting career at some of the leading multinational organizations in the world.

At Pepperdine, I not only expect to benefit from the knowledge and experiences of some of the finest business professors in the country but also learn through my interactions with the university’s diverse community. As someone with academic experiences in North Cyprus and Iran, I will a valuable addition to the university’s diverse community. My prior college and academic experiences have primarily been in the engineering area. But my involvement with the Board of Directors at Iran-based International Middleast Persian Industrial Company (IMPICO) has sparked my interest in management and operating aspects of the business. In order to build a strong foundation for a career at a leading multi-national organization, I have decided to advance my academic credentials and my research reveals Pepperdine University will be a perfect fit for me.

The university has a strong professional network that enables its students to interact with industry leaders and gain work experiences at both local and global organizations. I am also attracted to the university’s strategic setting which allows students to enjoy the benefits of a small town but also makes it possible to enjoy the city culture on weekends. The close proximity to Los Angeles also means students have access to numerous work opportunities.

I look forward to some of the best years of my life at Pepperdine and have no doubt an education at Pepperdine will open several doors for me at leading multi-national corporations.


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