Personal Management Bachelor, Admission Essay Example

Personal Management Bachelor, Admission Essay Example

In life it is really important that we learn from the challenges and missteps that come our way. It is a fact that if we are able to learn from the missteps and challenges that come our way then we can always emerge stronger and better persons. I strongly believe that through the years of training and experience I have been able to rise to the top of the pack in the profession of my choice. I am great at working with people and helping them know themselves better, understand their circumstances and rise from their vulnerabilities stronger. Over the years I have come to understand my strong points and I have realized that I can succeed in the social work related activities because that is where I truly feel at home.

I can not say that I can impartially point out my strengths and talents but, however I am definitely able to say what I am able to do best. From experience, I am able to say that what I do best is social work, which always fills me with happiness when I see people I have helped through difficult situations. I have always realized that these people need assistance in specific areas in their lives and that is when I offer to assist them in rebuilding those broken links. I have been active in many charitable organizations assisting people faced by various situations. I feel strongly attracted to use my education in making the society we live in even better.

I have been brought up in a middle-class family setting. Both of my parents were civil servants. My father worked as a county supervisor while my mother worked as a teacher in a nearby school. We were not that financially stable so I was forced to look into other opportunities in order to support myself an also be able to get some extra income to see me through college. Since when I was a small child I have always felt a strong urge to assist others who were around me and this always brought me a feeling of satisfaction unmatched to any other feeling in the world. I always challenged myself to find situations where I could assist and bring light out of dark situations. This triggered me to seek part time employment in a place where I could earn something extra for myself and at the same time use my social skills to assist others in problems.

At first my decision to get involved in social work came as a result of solving the more pressing financial situation but with time I have had a shift of priorities and now the needs of the people I am able to serve always come first. In my early teenage years I was working in order to be able to support myself and also at the same time assist others going through difficult times. Throughout the high school to college period I always took part time jobs I positions such as an outreach worker working with adolescents in educating them on issues related to HIV prevention and while at the university I was able to secure myself an opportunity to work as an office assistant in the athletic department of the university (Gould, 1996). All through my life I have been a volunteer in many child care related activities, in programs involved with the care and rehabilitation of persons involved in drug use and also I have found time to participate in many charity events.

After graduation from college I was able to find work at a local youth center, where I was the youth coach. I was tasked with the responsibility of counseling the youth on several issues affecting their educational, career, housing and even relationships lives. During my free time I volunteered to work as a guidance counselor in a local high school. I this I was able to guide young students going through difficult times in their personal, social, religious or even educational life. Many of the persons I worked with during this period have recommended their fellow students to come for similar advice and I have been able to replicate my success through them. This has only served to strengthen my conviction that I was on the right career field.

I have since found work on a local community center. In this center I worked as an adolescent specialist targeting the provision of information to adolescents in urban communities on HIV prevention and treatment. At the same time I was tasked with the responsibility of ensuring proper transport of clients to and from their appointments. work at a local counseling center where I work as the alcohol and drug counselor. In my daily work I am tasked with the duty of assisting the at-risk adolescents come into terms with the reality of the HIV situation and assist them in processes that would enable them prevent or manage their lives more effectively. It has always been a challenge when you meet persons who have been overwhelmed by their failures making them lack the will and belief that there is a better tomorrow if they own up and change how they live today.

Over the many years I have been involved in social work I have come to understand that if we are to achieve what is best for all the people in our society then there has to be changes on how our legal and social care system operates (Bransford, 2003). It is not right for the judicial system to imprison offenders for many years without ever giving them an opportunity to find help and rehabilitate themselves. The high rates of recidivism among individuals who go through these system posse greater social and criminal problems to the society we live in at the moment. The otherwise traditional decision to punish offenders deviates from what can be really achieved if the psychological and emotional problems of these offenders can be addressed in attempts to curb the abuse of drugs. This is one of the greatest social issues affecting our society today and as a social worker I would want to advocate for legislative reforms for the persons convicted of drug related offences.

I want to pursue my masters in social works degree at Fordham University as the next step in fostering my efforts to become a guide and work in fields that offer service to humans when needed. My focus will remain in community counseling where there is still a lot that can be done, especially in the urban settings where drug and HIV related incidents have been on the rise. My long term career goals are to become an educator and using my knowledge and experience to assist train others on how they can be better counselors. During these difficult financial times, I don’t expect the working as a social worker to be any easier. I know that the financial rewards of the profession I love are scarce but this can’t dampen my urge to succeed in my career. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than contributing to a healthier and more successful community. I look forwards to pursuing my graduate education with the aim of being in a better position to provide assistance to those in need within my society.


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