Personal Statement, Admission Essay Example

Personal Statement, Admission Essay Example

There are many variables that contribute to your determination to succeed. Many of these elements are intrinsic to a person or inspired by the need to be self-actualized. My determination to be an academic with a goal to become a career academic comes from my need to be self-actualized. In this respect I’d like to illuminate my courage and ability to function in difficult conditions and meet strict deadlines , and to collaborate as a team member and leader. I am also a thirsty seeker of knowledge and always strive to improve.

My courage was displayed at various times when I decided to do the right thing despite the consequences that would result from my actions. I’ve resisted paying bribes in order to receive the services of public offices repeatedly and force government official to provide the services that they are paid to give to citizens. Sure, I wouldn’t have managed to face the threats made by these officials if I were not courageous.

In various situations, my ability to work in a demanding setting and to meet deadlines has also been proven. This was particularly evident at my previous job as an assistant personal to one of the line managers. I made sure that my boss’s schedule was well-organized , and that he received his messages promptly. I made sure he had what he needed quickly and easily available.

I have also exhibited ability to work in teams, both as a team member and as a team leader. As a player on the tem I am able to be a good communicator with others. I am trustworthy flexible, flexible and a great listener who is open to learning and sharing my expertise. I am also a good problem solver who treats team mates with respect. As a leader, I have led various teams at school as well as at work to attain high levels of achievement. I always show great enthusiasm and commitment, as well as integrity, great competence and creativity.

Finally, as an academician I’m always willing to discover new things to expand and improve my understanding. Employers are always seeking people who are well-informed and can add value to their services or products. I’m a great student and can put my education to good use. This makes me a valuable employee.

Through years of experience and learning, I have improved my abilities. I’d like to become more confident and competent to work in difficult circumstances. Additionally, I strive to learn something new every day in order to improve my knowledgebase.


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