Privacy Policy

Our business model is based on the respect and prioritization by MyCollegeEssayWriter of your privacy rights. Part of this commitment involves ensuring that all those doing business with us fully understand what data we collect, how it is stored, and how it is used. All data collected is used to provide you with the advertised products and services.

We will collect certain information if you choose to use our products or services. This includes your contact information, your location, and any other details such as your grade level and subjects that you are currently studying. Other data may be collected to help us evaluate your interactions with our website and other connected interfaces.

It is possible that the information listed above may not be complete.

1 Policies Concerning the Age of Our Users

The entire site, including our products and services, is intended for adults who are over 18. We don’t knowingly store, distribute or collect information about anyone under the age of 18. Anybody who becomes aware that a minor is using our services should inform us.

2 The Goals of the Privacy Policy

We strongly recommend that visitors read this policy. These statements apply to all who use the services that we offer. We want to make sure there are no misunderstandings about the information we collect. You also have rights to access that information and make changes at any time. You have the right to full control of your personal data, including the right to be erased.

3 Collecting Your Personal Data

We need to remind you that any personal identifying information we get from you is only yours and will be stored with your consent. We may share your data in the following ways: when you contact us, use our online support services, place orders, etc. We don’t use tools or hire third-parties to extract personal data from computers or websites.

Your identifying information is collected whenever you create an account, place orders or sign up to receive communications from us. We must have the ability to access and store this information in order to provide the requested products or services. We store all data in accordance with the security protocols and protections.

4 Non-identifying Data Collection and Storage

We are aware of the storage and collection of non-identifying information from our side. This information is not used to identify you and does not impact your privacy. This includes the use of cookies and related technology, order track, storage and transmission logs, device type tracking, and site visit information like timestamps and navigation. This data is used to enhance performance and personalize your experience on our site.

This information is only for our purposes. This information may be shared with third parties that are contracted to provide the services you require.

5 How We Use Your Data

We have tried to minimize data collection in order to protect your privacy and provide the services you expect. Your data is only collected with your consent and used for the purposes we have stated below. Your personal data is used to provide the services you need and to communicate with you. This information may be stored and collected upon request of courts or law enforcement.

You may also choose to store data that allows us to improve or update the services. We may send information about similar products to you if you have ordered a service. The data can be used to detect website problems or other issues. The records are also kept in order to prevent fraud and other abuse.

6 Sharing Information With Third Parties

We confirm that your data is shared with third parties for specific purposes. These parties act on our behalf. We only provide information necessary to offer specific services to our partners, subcontractors and payment processing companies, advertisers and market research firms, customer service entities and email providers, as well as to payment processing companies and payment processors.

Each third party entity that receives your information must sign a legally binding contract. This agreement protects your privacy and limits the use of your data to its intended purpose. These agreements are also binding on all employees and agents of the third parties.

7 Customer Communications

All customers have the right to receive information about their purchases and to contact them about special offers or other services. We will only communicate with you about information or offers that are relevant to your order history. These notifications can be canceled at any time. Further details are available below.

Common ways to communicate with clients are: email, bulk text, auto-send emails, phone calls, and SMS messages. Your account settings can be used to adjust your communication preferences.

We will notify you if we believe the partner or third party to have information or offers which may be of use to you. If you do not wish to consent, you can opt out.

You have the option to request that your data be removed from our databases. For further assistance, please contact customer service.

8 How Analytics Tools and Services are Used

Analysing different types of data is possible with the help of various analysis tools. These tools enable us to analyze how users interact with our web pages and other connected interfaces. This information includes data such as how long you spend on our site, what content you consume, and search terms that led to our website. This information does not contain any identifiable data. This information is used to improve the user experience and website design.

We use persistent cookies to remember our users. These cookies can be disabled by you at any time. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for more information. This information is not sent to any third parties.

9 Security of Data We Store

We will continue to use all technologies and resources to protect your personal data, including encryption technology as well as other security protocols.

Your personal data is only used to provide you with the products or services you have ordered. These data may be kept to comply with applicable laws and regulations, keep accurate financial records, and ensure we fulfill all agreements and contracts. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.

10 Third-Party Websites

Links to other websites are included in our website content. You can access these websites at your discretion and choice. Also, you acknowledge that we cannot be held responsible for external websites’ policies and content. These websites are not under our control and cannot be subject to any of our policies or guarantees. Before clicking on a link, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the policies of other websites.

11. The right to access and control your personal data

There are no restrictions on your rights to view and modify your personal data through our website. You can view and modify any data by using the customer portal account settings. This allows you to easily edit the stored information. This information can also be requested to be deleted. You should be aware that you may need to wait for all orders to be completed before your data can be deleted.

12 Modifications to the Policy

This policy and any other policies may be changed without prior notice. We will post information about any changes in the most effective way to make sure our users are aware. This information may be sent via email or a notification on the website. Significant changes cannot be processed until the end of the 30-day period. This gives users ample time to find out about future amendments and adjust to them.

13 Contacting Our Support Department

For any additional questions, contact our customer service which is available 24/7.