Qualitative Research Paper Outline

Qualitative Research Paper Outline

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An Outline Template

Students need to understand that, regardless of whether they use custom writing services or complete the paper themselves, an outline template should always be used. This makes the writing process simpler and easier. This is because if you follow a template, your thoughts, ideas, and opinions will be organized in a logical, orderly way. The entire paper flows smoothly and makes sense once it is completed. The time spent on completing the research paper will be reduced if you follow the outline.

Structure of an Outline

The structure of your paper may differ depending on which course you are taking and the preferences of your instructor. The following elements should be included in the outline of your qualitative research paper:

  1. Introduction. This section is the introduction to your research paper. It includes a short explanation of your topic as well as your reasoning for it. To give your audience an idea of the questions you are going to answer in your paper, make sure you include a strong thesis statement. The methodology may be included in the Introduction section.
  2. The main body of the paper. This is the main part of your research.
  3. Conclusion. This section includes the interpretation and summary of the research results.
  4. References. This section is very important as sources can be checked.
  5. Appendices. This section is optional. It should only be included if additional material cannot be placed in the main body. tables, charts, diagrams, etc.

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