Radiology, Admissions Essay Example

Radiology, Admissions Essay Example

I am very keen to be admitted to the Bellevue Center School of Radiologic Technology. It is a rewarding career which allows me to give back to the community. The health care industry is the only one that compares to the potential benefits that health care professionals can provide to those who live within the local area and within the surrounding regions. Specifically, it is my goal to begin working as an X-Ray technician, and to benefit from my previous knowledge and experience acquired. Radiology can provide great insight into diagnosing and treating patients.

As I begin my career, I would like to become an Xray technician and learn about the latest technology and the radiation manipulations required to produce the desired results. However, my ultimate aim is to eventually be able to earn the position of a Radiologist. Radiologists can relay information from Xrays to patients directly, while Xray technicians don’t typically communicate any information. This kind of patient interaction is what I truly want to achieve in my profession and is why I have a deep desire to become a Radioologist in the future.

The Bellevue Hospital Center School of Radiologic Technology is a prestigious reputation as a leading radiologic technology education institution. To be able to achieve my goals in the field it is essential that I receive the top training available. I am also impressed by the personal interaction students have with their teachers in learning the hands-on technology techniques and the philosophies behind working in the industry as a radiology professional. The Bellevue School will undoubtedly provide me with the education facilities required to excel in the field, and also to achieve the career I deeply desire. I am aware that being enrolled in such a well-known institution will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as a future radiology professional.


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