Radiology as a Career, Admission Essay Example

Radiology as a Career, Admission Essay Example

After doing a lot of research on radiology as a profession, it was evident that I was a perfect candidate for the radiology course. This decision was also due to a long-term fascination in the field of radiology as a career choice which I feel would provide me with an income security as well as a feeling of satisfaction that comes with being a licensed radiologist. As a person, consider myself to be caring and compassionate, with a drive to help others in order to positively impact their personal lives. Given my outgoing personality, and the need to have an impact on the world, I think I am well-suited for radiology.

From an educational standpoint, my goal is to pursue a degree in the field of radiology, and then pursue further education so that I can specialize in ultrasound. Of course, I also intend to further learn as I progress in my career as a radiologist so as to keep abreast of new technological advances while also improving my skills as a professional. My experience in the realm of health care was a result after serving three radiology technologists over the summer of 2012 and personally observing the daily routines at four major USI-affiliated clinical facilities.

These clinics were extremely beneficial because I was able to see the effects of modified barium swallows as well as x-rays. I also observed an arthogram. I discovered the myelogram to be the most fascinatingbecause it was something I hadn’t had before. A myelogram technically is an examination of the brain that involves the introduction of a needle into the spinal canal, and injecting contrast material in the the spinal cord using an amalgamation of x-rays and fluoroscopy.

After visiting these clinical sites and speaking to the technologists, I came to the conclusion that radiology was definitely an ideal career option for me personally. One of the main reasons is that I was intrigued by the numerous role of radiologists in various medical fields as well as the many clinical issues that can occur in a clinical setting. Furthermore, I began to recognize that radiologists play an important role as active members within an organization’s management team. technological advances related to radiology is growing in scope and I as a radiologist could be a part of.

After my radiology experience I realized just how many patients would be benefited from my services as a radiologist. It is crucial for professionals to be considerate and sensitive to individual ailments and personal issues. It is crucial to communicate clearly and effectively to create a productive and happy workplace. I also realized how important it is to adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) HIPPA with regards to patient confidentiality. However, for me personally the most significant thing I have learned from my experience in the field of health care is the importance of patient care to being attentive and respectful to the needs of each patient and understanding their personal values when it comes to making medical decision-making and choices.

Radiology has many fascinating aspects that I enjoy. Taking this into consideration I’d like to be able to train in an environment that allows me to acquire the most information and experience possible, and when I am done with my education I’d prefer to work in a position in which I am able to actively participate in the constantly evolving area of radiology. To ensure my longevity of happiness and satisfaction I believe that radiology is the best career choice for me.


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