Request for Master’s Degree in Nutrition. Sample Admission Essay

Request for Master’s Degree in Nutrition. Sample Admission Essay

I am a graduate in physical and sport education. I completed my degree at the University of Romania. The University of Romania provides the perfect setting and environment to complete my master’s in nutrition. I have learned a lot about the importance of a healthy lifestyle from my extensive courses in physical education and sports. My research interests are in food and the health of humans. My goal for the long term is to help make the world a better place for nutrition and health.

I’ve had previous experience as personal trainer and gym instructor, which has helped me build a strong foundation in how to motivate people and inspire people to make improvements in their health. This has enabled me to build excellent communication skills, and has also helped me to approach my clients. My passion for nutrition has led me to pursue an food science and technology major. I’d like to help my clients by providing them with information on nutrition and advice. I believe furthering these issues does not just benefit those who lack proper nutrition information but also the whole world, as a world with less diseases is a healthier world for everyone (Peter, 108).

Afraid to serve my community, I have taken part in blood donation drives and been engaged in health initiatives. Giving back to the community is something that I enjoy and benefit from. I am also trying to enhance my leadership skills, which will allow me to be more successful in my efforts and create positive changes to society all through my life.

When I finish the master’s program in nutrition, I will look for opportunities within organizations such as World Health Organization with United States of America and afterwards do work abroad. I’m also hoping to work with American Food Associate Organization. I am looking forward to working with organizations that focus on nutrition and health in the general public. That is the area where my expertise is most needed (Carson 22). While I do have a specific desire in nutrition, I am open to any opportunity such as teaching, self-employment and self-employment. In my spare time, I’ll participate in volunteer organizations that offer nutrition guidance and counseling for the general public.

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