Rice Business Institution, Application Essay Example

Rice Business Institution, Application Essay Example

This application expresses my interest in admission to the Rice Business institution. From a young age, I have had a particular enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and a consequent focus on innovativeness in business. Observing my father in his entrepreneurial ventures and my subsequent academic interest in business subjects exposed me to an understanding of entrepreneurial leadership. Consequently, I have incorporated basic aspects of entrepreneurship leadership in my work endeavors. These basic elements have entailed maintaining effective communication competencies, vision, sustaining supportiveness, and risk optimization. Various real-life business challenges have exposed me to the need for creative solutions. Self-belief has been essential in my endeavor towards effective entrepreneurial leadership; however, this has also meant broader self-awareness. The latter fosters consciousness of one’s weaknesses and strengths. Accordingly, I am aware of my need to advance my knowledge regarding accounting and business leadership competencies.

A personal stance regarding business success is that I need to view learning as a continuous or lifetime pursuit. Therefore, endeavoring to be an effective leader while maintaining an innovative mindset will require me to invest considerably in learning and updating my entrepreneurial knowledge and aptitudes. The knowledge would also help me develop learning environments in organizations I am involved in, which would encourage others to enhance their knowledge, broaden their experiences, and address various business-inclined challenges. These learning interests influence by the pursuit for admission in Rice Business.

I anticipate gaining competencies and experience from Rice Business, which will propel my short as well as a long-term career and personal goals. From the Rice Business experience, I hope that I will nurture experiential and diverse learning experiences while leveraging opportunities to interact with diverse individuals. I will embrace peers’ diversity to learn from their varying business insights and ventures. Additionally, I aim to gain insights regarding tools and resources critical to further advancing my entrepreneurial leadership skills, professional strategic analysis, accounting competencies, and enhancing my business management knowledge.

I am particularly intrigued by Rice Business’s mission that focuses on developing principled, creative thought business leaders in global societies. I am to enhance my innovative knowledge in entrepreneurship, which is critical in my short and long-term ventures. My motivation also aligns with Rice’s vision of influencing how people and institutions succeed and enhance global societies by providing scholars who can lead significantly effective and innovative businesses. Again, the institution promises to advance scholars’ competencies by combining significantly personalized experiences with resources of broad, diverse urban settings, which will enable me to develop distinctive programs in such settings; thus, achieving a competitive advantage. My management skills will also improve because Rice Business experience promises to help scholars develop organizational structures and environments fostering high involvement, professional growth, and operational excellence.

In summary, a Rice Business experience will be an important lifetime opportunity to advance my business-oriented competencies. Particularly, I aim for a high personalized educative environment in the institution. The institution is also characterized by the acceptability of diversity, implying that I will meet people with different knowledge, business experiences, and innovative ideas, which I can profit from significantly. My long-term goal is enhancing knowledge regarding entrepreneurial leadership and developing innovative business environments. Thus, I believe the Rice Business program is appropriate in helping me nurture the requisite competencies. I also believe that my accounting and business management skills will improve after the experience.


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